Get to know Tonya Toonen

I have  decided to volunteer for the “Dancing With Our Stars” fundraiser because I feel that the Red Cross provides valuable services to our community.  I have seen the Red Cross volunteers in action during my brother-in-law’s house fire and the tragic loss of firefighter Lieut. Arnie Wolff.  Not only were the volunteers there for the victims, but they were there for the firefighters as well.  Although this is only one of the services that the Red Cross provides, I would like to thank them for their support, and that is why I have volunteered my support in return.
My husband is David Toonen and I am the mother of three wonderful and very active children.  So, the majority of my time is spent as a taxi driver and volunteering at school.  I enjoy dancing, but I have never taken any formal ballroom dance lessons.  I currently take a Zumba dance exercise class at the YMCA.  I wonder if that will help me?  It should be fun and interesting.