Aymee Balison Waltzing her way with Dance Partner Michael Witte

Aymee Balison, owner of Sweetpea’s Children’s Clothier, based in De Pere, Wisconsin is also the mother of 4 beautiful girls. She knows first hand how important it is to have a trained, responsible and reliable babysitter.

By voting for Aymee, you are helping the American Red Cross continue one of their most popular health and safety programs – the Babysitter’s Training Course. This class is filled with fun and interactive activities.  With the American Red Cross Babysitter’s Training course, youth 11-15 years of age will gain the knowledge and confidence to be a great babysitter by caring for infants through school age children.

Hear first hand the impact this course can make on a child’s life:

Karen is 12 years old.  She was afraid to be by herself – to be home alone.  She did not feel confident to provide much help with her little sister and brother.  Karen is my “little sister” in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.  As a Red Cross staff member, I know and believe in the Babysitter’s Training Class.  So, I paid for and brought Karen to take the Babysitter Training.  Karen is now a certified Red Cross Babysitter.  Karen is confident in her ability to be in charge and take care of kids.  She helps her Mom and family, and babysits for her siblings.   She told me with a big smile, “I am earning lots of money babysitting!”  Taking the Red Cross Babysitting Class was a transformative experience for Karen.  I would like to see every 12-year-old learn take the Babysitter’s Training Class at the Red Cross.  The experience and life skills acquired strengthen individuals and their families!  It certainly was a great and needed training for Karen and her family!

— Mauree Childress, Director of Development, American Red Cross Lakeland Chapter

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Aymee Balison Tries Out For The Ball

Aymee Balison considers herself a Green Bay native, born on the far east side — just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  She was raised in Wyoming with stops in Utah, Montana and Madison before arriving in Green Bay 12 years ago where she found a place to call home.

“The people in Green Bay are just amazing.  They are so warm and so willing to help in any situation, any time.  There’s just nowhere else like the Midwest for kind, caring people.”  Just ask her and she will tell you how truly special Green Bay and its people are.


Aymee and her husband David have four spirited and beautiful daughters Emma, Kate, Grace, and Lily.  They are the inspiration for Aymee’s fun and funky store, Sweetpea’s, in De Pere, which she has owned for 10 years.  When she’s not running around after the girls, she spends time in her various  fundraising, school and board commitments.

Getting to know Aymee…

Describe your first dancing recollection. About how old were you and what was the occasion? My earliest recollection of dance is a bag of Barbeque potato chips straight from the vending machine.  My mom used to bribe me with them every week so I would stay in dance class.

Who is your dream dance partner? My dream dance partner would have to be my grandfather, who passed away when I was 21.  I would have loved to have danced with him at my wedding.  His love for singing and dance brought such joy to me as a child.

Who is your favorite contestant on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars? My favorite contestant on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars would have to be Kate Gosselin.  “Dear Lord, please make my dancing look good by comparison and if you can’t, then please have enough pity on me to help me raise a lot of money for the Red Cross.”

Why support the Red Cross with your participation? I can’t dance and this sounds really hard and potentially embarrassing, so it’s right up my alley. No, really,  the Red Cross is a great organization…  where do I start?  Who are the first people  there to help when someone, a neighborhood, a town,  a state needs something?  The Red Cross.  Helping them help others-I’m in!

What’s your favorite song? My mom’s favorite singer was James Taylor, therefore my favorite song would be anything by James Taylor, especially “ Shower the People.”