The “real” Mirror Ball Trophy has Been Giving Out……

But I think our five ladies, would have given Jennifer Grey a run for the trophy! Check out our awesome ladies on their journey to become the fundraising Mirror Ball Trophy Winner! Like what you see!  VOTE!

Kathryn Bracho Perfecting her Fox Trot

You watch her on WBAY report the news, now watch as Kathryn will “be the news” dancing for the Dancing with the Stars for the American Red Cross Fundraisers. One of the dances Kathryn will be performing is the Fox Trot. Continue to “tune” in to check out her progress. Like what you see viewers —- Vote! Go to to cast your vote (donation) today. All proceeds go to your local American Red Cross Lakeland Chapter to help families, like those affected in the Walnut/Chestnut St. fire last Friday.

Check out ALL our Star Dancers!

Welcome to the Dancing with the Stars for American Red Cross Lakeland Chapter fundraising event.  Ten Northeast Wisconsin Stars are participating in this event.  Stars are being trained in two ballroom dances under the direction of Janet Gollnick, former Midwest champion, DanceSport of Green Bay.

Here’s how you can support this event and your local Red Cross:

  • Support this event and your local Red Cross and “Vote” for your favorite star dancer.  All “votes” will be counted toward your chosen star to help them earn the coveted Mirror Ball Fundraising Trophy given away the night of the event.

Not sure what star you want to vote for? Check them ALL out in action!

Event Date: Saturday, February 26, 2011
Place: Radisson Hotel and Conference Center, Three Clans Complex, Green Bay

Kathryn Bracho Practicing Her Twirls & High Fives!

Today everyone should be getting out to the polls to vote…..while you are in the voting mood click on to vote for your favorite WBAY TV-2 News this Morning Anchor – Kathryn Bracho!

Why Vote?  To make sure your Lakeland Chapter has the resources to respond to emergencies at a moments notice in our community. Wednesday, October 27, volunteers opened an emergency shelter in Suring and Neopit. The shelter was available to anyone without power due to the high winds.

“I work for Menominee County Health and Human Services Department and had the privilege of working with some of your volunteers at the Neopit warming shelter/meal tonight. Many families were able to come in from the cold and get a hot meal while waiting for their power to be restored. Thank you so much.”   

 – Rachel Kielblock, Clinical Coordinator Community Support Program, Menominee County Health and Human Services

Action 2 News This Morning Anchor, Kathryn Bracho Perfecting her Grace!

Northeast Wisconsin has now been able to get their first look and read a little bit about our 10 “Star Dancers” who will be putting themselves out there in learning to dance and perform to raise money for the Dancing with the Stars for the American Red Cross fundraiser!  Let’s hear from them in their own words on how things are going!

Posted by Kathryn Bracho on her Facebook Wall: “So, I’m supposed to be graceful for this Dancing with the Stars thing, and what do I do yesterday? In the office of my awesome teacher, Janet at DanceSport, I turned too quickly and knocked her decorative glass bowl onto the floor, breaking it. Whoops.”  😦

**** side note: Kathryn was not dancing at the time, just booking her next lesson. From looking at the video I say she is pretty graceful!