These Guys Can Dance

We have seen the ladies, now let’s check out the guys who will be competing for the Fundraising Mirror Ball Trophy at the Dancing with the Stars for the American Red Cross Lakeland Chapter on Saturday, February 26, 2011. Like what you see? Vote for your favorite at

The Magnificent Murphy Perfecting his Waltz

Hello Northeast Wisconsin! Your favorite on-air personality Murphy in the Morning, Morning show host 101 WIXX, is putting his two feet to work (instead of his mouth) for the Dancing with the Stars for the American Red Cross.

Check out the latest video of Murphy working on his Waltz. This will be one of the two dances Murphy will be performing at the Saturday, February 26 event at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center, Three Clans Complex, in Green Bay.

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 How your support helps right here in Northeast WI:

  • $25:  Food for a family of four for one day in a shelter
  • $52: 1 week of food for 1 person
  • $130: Emergency clothing and shoes for 1 adult
  • $294: 6 days of emergency lodging at an area hotel
  • $650: 1 dialysis client gets to treatment three times per week for a year due to our Transportation Services 

Brad Toll Debut’s his Cha Cha at Annual Greater Green Bay Convention and Visitors Bureau’s Holiday Reception

Janet Gollnick, Owner DanceSport of Green Bay and Brad Toll

Wednesday, December 1 was the Greater Green Bay Convention and Visitors Bureau’s Holiday Reception at Tundra Resort and Conference Center.  It was a beautiful party with a fabulous spread of delicious cuisine, fine local spirits and delightful treats.  It was attended by many government and community leaders.  Brad Toll, President and CEO, told the crowd that the Greater Green Bay Convention and Visitors Bureau was supporting the American Red Cross Lakeland Chapter as their charity this season! He talked about the humanitarian services the Red Cross provides including disaster relief, blood collection, service to our armed forces, healthy and safety instruction and transportation for 60+ and individuals with disabilities. 

He then announced that he was even dancing for this good cause in the annual Dancing with the Stars for the American Red Cross.  Just as Brad was saying, “Too bad there is no music”, the music came on and Janet Gollnick, owner of DanceSport of Green Bay, did a great impromptu cha cha with Brad to great applause. Our great volunteer, Barbara Vanden Langenberg brought a DWTS ballot box around and people could vote with their cash. 

Thank you to our star, Brad, DWTS co-chair Dawn Watry, DanceSport dancer extraordinare Janet Gollnick, Barb VandenLangenberg, the Greater Green Bay Convention and Visitors Bureau, and all attendees for all of their support for our Dancing with the Stars event, and for the vital mission of the American Red Cross. 

Dean Lindsley Starting to Heat up the Dance Floor with his Rumba

The Rumba is the perfect dance for someone crowned “Hawaiian Tropics Mr. Buns” back in the day! Dean Lindsley recalls his most memorable “dancing” experience.

While not my first recollection of dancing, my most memorable dancing recollection takes me back to 1984 somewhere on a diving board in Daytona Beach Florida while participating in the “Hawaiian Tropics Mr. Buns” contest.  Legend has it that a small amount of liquid courage and a few smooth moves won me that contest!

Like what you see? Vote  for Dean! Want to learn more about Dean, check out this article in the Green Bay Press Gazette! Click  HERE:  Pallas Textiles sets itself apart by ‘making a connection”

Why you should also vote!

When our neighbors are affected by fires, floods and tornadoes, the Red Cross is there.  When someone needs blood, the Red Cross is there.  When Americans want to be able to help in an emergency, the Red Cross is there with life-saving training.  When military members and their families need to be connected during a personal crisis, the Red Cross is there.  We are there providing rides for seniors and those with disabilities to get to medical appointments, get to the grocery store, and get to employment. Volunteers do all this important work. 

Measured by the number of people served by every dollar donated to the Red Cross, no other non-profit organization in America can boast a higher return on the donor’s investment.  Ninety-one (91) cents of every dollar donated to the organization goes to delivering programs and services.  The American Red Cross is not a government agency.  As such, it relies on charitable contributions to fulfill its mission.  Please support your American Red Cross Lakeland Chapter.

Action 2 News This Morning Anchor, Kathryn Bracho Perfecting her Grace!

Northeast Wisconsin has now been able to get their first look and read a little bit about our 10 “Star Dancers” who will be putting themselves out there in learning to dance and perform to raise money for the Dancing with the Stars for the American Red Cross fundraiser!  Let’s hear from them in their own words on how things are going!

Posted by Kathryn Bracho on her Facebook Wall: “So, I’m supposed to be graceful for this Dancing with the Stars thing, and what do I do yesterday? In the office of my awesome teacher, Janet at DanceSport, I turned too quickly and knocked her decorative glass bowl onto the floor, breaking it. Whoops.”  😦

**** side note: Kathryn was not dancing at the time, just booking her next lesson. From looking at the video I say she is pretty graceful!