Kati’s Big Night of Comedy!

john egan

John Egan @eganj

Join us for an evening of stand up and improv put on by John Egan and Tucker Dietrich as well as other local comedians! Also there will be a chance to vote (by donating) on the improv game Kati Donaho will perform on stage! This is all happening at Backstage at The Meyer!

Date: January 7, 2016

Time: 6:00PM


Tucker Diedrich @tuckercomedy

Ticket Price: $20 for one ticket or $35 for two tickets in advance / $25 for one ticket or $40 for two tickets day of show.

Cash bar, complimentary snacks, raffles and automatic entry to win an overnight stay at one of several Wisconsin Hyatt Hotels!!

CAN’T ATTEND?? Boo for you, but you can still help Kati in the quest for the Mirror Ball by donating by clicking HERE!

Get to Know DWOS Community Dancer – Dan Terrio

i-mw63jZj-XLI was born and raised on the Stockbridge-Munsee Indian Reservation in Bowler, WI. I grew up in a mixed cultural household (my mom is German descent and my dad is Native American and Italian descent). I am the oldest of two. I have one brother, Andrew (28). Andy is married to his wife, Ronni, and together they have three kids: My nephews, Aden (8), Kash (5) and my niece, Baelyn (3). As is standard with many Native American families, I also have many cousins who grew up with me and were treated like they were my siblings. Growing up on the reservation, you learn the importance of community, culture, giving and family. It was instilled in me at a young age to always give more than you receive. My family practiced what they preached and always gave back in different ways; through volunteerism, careers and the list goes on. At age 14, I started my journey with serving others following a near fatal car/train accident through public speaking. I traveled the country telling my story to over 5,000 communities, schools, college campuses and conferences. At age 18, I was elected as the National Co-President of United National Indian Tribal Youth Inc. (UNITY) and served for four years. UNITY is the largest American Indian/Alaska Native Youth organization in the country. After serving Native American youth for several years, I left the organization full time to return back to college. I still serve UNITY as a trainer and advisor to its 12 member executive board.

I joined Humana’s National Education Department in July 2014 after serving three years as the Youth Development Manager with the Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce. My time at the Chamber gave me the opportunity to interact with all aspects of our community, its people and work directly with over 40,000 students and teachers in Brown County. This role made me fall in love with the Green Bay area.  In my current role as a learning facilitator in the National Education department, I have the opportunity to directly shape Humana’s workforce by providing them with the skills and resources needed to be effective in their jobs. My hobbies include: music (both singing and seeing concerts), theatre, running, biking, being with family and friends, traveling, and volunteering. I’ve held a lot of titles in my 31 years of life, but one I’m excited to add is the title of “ballroom dancer”.


Dancing has always been in my blood. My parents met at a disco and I’m often asked if I am related to famous dancer Denny Terrio. I still have no clue who the guy is. My family would be the first to say that since I was a kid, I was always dancing around the house. When I was 6 years old, I once made a dance aerobics video that my dad liked to show my friends when they came over. I hope to God it doesn’t mysteriously show up somewhere in this DWOS journey. When I was 11, I received my first formal dance lesson from my Grandmother, the late Jeannette Ashley, who taught me how to Polka at my cousin’s wedding. She always said “All good German boys need to know how to Polka.” I laughed cause isn’t the Polka Polish? My passion for performance and dance came when I was 14. I was recovering from injuries sustained in an automobile accident where the van I was riding it was struck by a train. I suffered severe head trauma, bruised heart and severe injuries to my right knee, leg and elbow. I underwent an experimental knee surgery where doctors completely rebuilt my knee from the ground up. I was told that my mobility would be limited due to the reconstruction of my knee however it beat the alternative: losing my leg from the knee down. After five months of intensive rehabilitation, I stood for the first time and began to cry; not due to the pain, but due to the fact I was standing again. I had to face reality that at 13, I can no longer play Football and Basketball. So I found a new passion: theatre and dance. Since age 13, I have performed in over 30 musicals, plays, and dance recitals. It has long since been on my bucket list to learn to ballroom dance but due to time, lack of resources and procrastination, I have never followed through with it. I’m excited to finally get some professional training in dance that will make up for my horrible dance moves back when I was a child.

My dream dance partner is either Belle from Beauty and The Beast or Cinderella. They make dancing look so easy and magical….maybe it’s because they’re animated?

I love dancers who add an edge to their style of dance. Because of this, I love Dancing with the Stars pros Lacey Schwimmer and Allison Holker, after her incredible year with Riker Lynch. I would love to dance with Amy Purdy, as she taught us all about perseverance and rising above your injuries which ultimately pushed me to say yes to DWOS.

In the car/train accident back in 1997, I received units of blood which saved my life. I made a vow that I would give back in some way to the organization that saved my life through the gift of blood. The American Red Cross was the first organization I volunteered with when I was 14 and now I am being presented with an opportunity to give back in a bigger light. I’ve seen so many lives touched by the work of the Red Cross. I am excited to take this journey for such an amazing cause.

Get to Know DWOS Community Dancer – Kati Donaho

i-GbJvhF3-XLI have been married to my husband Josh for 11 years and we have two wonderful children. My son Jameson is 7 and loves karate and everything Legos. My daughter Finley, will be 5 in November and she is into everything princess, and is taking dance lessons just like me! I just started doing boot camp classes with Bode fitness, and taking classes at my son’s karate school. I was in the Army for about seven years and was also a student athlete – focusing on cheerleading and track (I was too short for any of the other sports!). I have gotten off course with my fitness routine after having both kids but am excited to be using these different mediums to show my kids being active is important.

I am very passionate about ending homelessness in Brown County and the surrounding areas. I have been on the board of directors for Freedom House Ministries for over two years, and am excited to be partnering with the American Red Cross. I feel like these organizations really work together and am supporting both at the same time.

I work for the Hyatt as a Sales Manager focusing on Business Travel and Group business. I love this position as it gives me a chance to work with different types of people on a daily basis. My job is to bring in groups and sell the space in the KI Convention Center.

I remember dancing at a very young age at Anna Rose Riederer’s dance studio and in Fond du Lac. I believe I was about 4 or 5. I remember taking tap, jazz and ballet and baton and my parents waiting in the lobby for every class! I also remember accidentally dropping my baton off the stage at a dance competition as well. Oh—and falling on some slippery water at a nursing home, while wearing my tap shoes, right before a competition. Pretty sure I had to get stiches.

I would love to have had the chance to dance with Patrick Swayze. I mean Dirty Dancing—come on!! My favorite star dancer on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” was Kelly Monaco from Season One. To see her be so awkward with no confidence at the beginning of the season to then win the whole darn thing is pretty amazing.

Looking for a way to support Kati??  Grab that College Sweatshirt from the back of the closet and come out Saturday for “College Throwback” 

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Lineville’s Got Talent – December 18!

Support Anna Allen, 6th grade  Lineville Intermediate School Teacher on her quest to raise funds for the American Red Cross and win the Fundraising Mirror Ball Trophy. Here is a video of some of Anna’s moves with her pro partner and fellow teacher, Michael Witte. You got a glimpse of Anna’s talent, we hope you will come out to “Lineville’s Got Talent” to see more and many other students and teachers get out there on the stage!


anna talent

Get to Know DWOS Community Dancer – Jen Berres-Dart

jen head shotMy life has been one exciting journey from Wisconsin to Vegas to New Orleans to New York City to Miami and then back to Wisconsin! I danced professionally in my twenties loving every exciting moment, but it was hard on my body. From there I discovered the magic of Yoga. I moved back to the area almost five years ago and own a movement studio called Jenstar Yoga & Dance in West De Pere. We offer Yoga, Dance classes for adults and a ballet-inspired fitness class called Barre. I love what my business space is creating for people. I am passionate about educating and supporting others on their wellness journey and empowering people to be confident, be bold and take chances in their lives to do the things that make them come alive! That’s my every day mission. I am an active participant in our community and often volunteer my time to do classes for local causes to raise money for them. “Dancing” for a cause is a first!

When I’m not in the studio, I have amazing friends near and far I love to spend time with and I am close with my family. “My kid” is a big chubby grey cat named Jersey.  I am a wanderlust at heart- I love to travel and get the locals’ perspective of the places I travel to. I base much of my life around food. I love fine dining and trying new cuisines! I enjoy going to the movies, live music events, getting dressed up for a night out dancing or the flip side- living the quiet cottage life up north and fishing! Oh and one more thing…. GO PACK GO! I am a HUGE and passionate football fan.

My parents discovered my love for dance when I was 3. I used to love going in the department store windows at the mall and dance for people walking by. I was always singing, dancing- putting on a show! I have done many styles of dance but never tried Ballroom until now.

Who is my dream dance partner? I’m married to him. Ryan Dart! On any given night if my husband gets out on the dance floor and busts a move with me- my night is made. He’s the most uncoordinated dancer ever, and I love it. Makes me laugh and smile ear to ear.

My favorite dancer of all time on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” is Peta!  She is technically stunning and always comes up with great choreography.

I knew the American Red Cross did good things, but when I took a tour at our local Red Cross facility I was blown away with the volunteers, the facility, down to the daily operation. It’s incredible! The Red Cross not only saves lives with blood donations, but is the first one there when a disaster happens, ready to go with supplies. There will be a day that we are all affected in some way by the Red Cross. It’s the least I can do to show gratitude and raise awareness. I am honored to support the Red Cross thru this event!

Here are a couple of ways that you can show your support for Jen!

Sunday, December 6 – “Silk Sunday” @ Proof from 10:00am-2:00pm

Join my fellow De Pere business, Proof – as they host “Silky Sunday” on December 6th from 10am-2pm with a great brunch menu! The best part is you get to dress in your Sundays best…. your pajamas. A portion of proceeds will go to the American Red Cross. Click HERE to see invite for more details.

Tuesday, December 8th – “The RED PARTY” @ Badger State Brewing from 5:30pm-9:00pm 

PS….. Also be sure to wish Jen a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Dec 8th!!!!!

jen - red party

Get to Know DWOS Community Star Dancer – Marty Williams

i-xnbwCfs-XLI am a general dentist and as of 2015 celebrating 30 years in practice! It seems like a long time, but I feel like I am just getting started and have much more to give.

My wife and I have been married for 29 years. She helps me with the business side of my practice and is very involved with tennis in the area. We have three children. Our oldest daughter recently accepted a position as a clinical pharmacist at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Our middle daughter is in grad school in St. Louis for Occupational Therapy. And our youngest son is a sophomore at UW-La Crosse.

My passions are dentistry, dancing, boat driving, photography and golf. The funny thing is dancing was something I never did until four years ago. I used to be very active in water skiing, barefooting, snow skiing and soccer. But I had an incident that changed all that eight years ago. I was playing in an adult soccer league and got hit in the chest with a close range shot on goal. When I came to, I couldn’t move anything or feel anything from my neck down to my toes. I ended up with two cervical fusions in my neck. After that I gave up all of my high impact activities to protect the rest of my neck.

Then about four years ago while at a dental meeting I was “dancing” at one of the evening socials and decided I’d like to learn to dance better. When I returned it just so happened that there was a class at the local tennis club being taught by none other than Michael Witte! My wife doesn’t care to dance and so I started doing some competing and have enjoyed it since. So I have to give Michael a lot of credit for helping me get involved with dancing. Between dancing and my boat driving it helps to feed that need for an adrenaline rush and competition, both of which I still crave despite the neck injury!

i-NKbjtQn-XLI think it would be really awesome to dance with Peta Murgatroyd. She is my favorite female dancer on “Dancing with the Stars”. After all she did win with Donald Driver. I think she is a really great dancer and she is an “Aussie”!

I was born and raised in Green Bay and have practiced here my entire career and raised my family here. The American Red Cross has been here also and they do so many things to support people in times of need. This is a tremendous opportunity to help give back in a small way to the Red Cross and our community. And I also get to do something that I am passionate about!