Get to Know DWOS Community Dancer – Kati Donaho

i-GbJvhF3-XLI have been married to my husband Josh for 11 years and we have two wonderful children. My son Jameson is 7 and loves karate and everything Legos. My daughter Finley, will be 5 in November and she is into everything princess, and is taking dance lessons just like me! I just started doing boot camp classes with Bode fitness, and taking classes at my son’s karate school. I was in the Army for about seven years and was also a student athlete – focusing on cheerleading and track (I was too short for any of the other sports!). I have gotten off course with my fitness routine after having both kids but am excited to be using these different mediums to show my kids being active is important.

I am very passionate about ending homelessness in Brown County and the surrounding areas. I have been on the board of directors for Freedom House Ministries for over two years, and am excited to be partnering with the American Red Cross. I feel like these organizations really work together and am supporting both at the same time.

I work for the Hyatt as a Sales Manager focusing on Business Travel and Group business. I love this position as it gives me a chance to work with different types of people on a daily basis. My job is to bring in groups and sell the space in the KI Convention Center.

I remember dancing at a very young age at Anna Rose Riederer’s dance studio and in Fond du Lac. I believe I was about 4 or 5. I remember taking tap, jazz and ballet and baton and my parents waiting in the lobby for every class! I also remember accidentally dropping my baton off the stage at a dance competition as well. Oh—and falling on some slippery water at a nursing home, while wearing my tap shoes, right before a competition. Pretty sure I had to get stiches.

I would love to have had the chance to dance with Patrick Swayze. I mean Dirty Dancing—come on!! My favorite star dancer on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” was Kelly Monaco from Season One. To see her be so awkward with no confidence at the beginning of the season to then win the whole darn thing is pretty amazing.

Looking for a way to support Kati??  Grab that College Sweatshirt from the back of the closet and come out Saturday for “College Throwback” 

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