Get to Know DWOS Community Dancer – Jen Berres-Dart

jen head shotMy life has been one exciting journey from Wisconsin to Vegas to New Orleans to New York City to Miami and then back to Wisconsin! I danced professionally in my twenties loving every exciting moment, but it was hard on my body. From there I discovered the magic of Yoga. I moved back to the area almost five years ago and own a movement studio called Jenstar Yoga & Dance in West De Pere. We offer Yoga, Dance classes for adults and a ballet-inspired fitness class called Barre. I love what my business space is creating for people. I am passionate about educating and supporting others on their wellness journey and empowering people to be confident, be bold and take chances in their lives to do the things that make them come alive! That’s my every day mission. I am an active participant in our community and often volunteer my time to do classes for local causes to raise money for them. “Dancing” for a cause is a first!

When I’m not in the studio, I have amazing friends near and far I love to spend time with and I am close with my family. “My kid” is a big chubby grey cat named Jersey.  I am a wanderlust at heart- I love to travel and get the locals’ perspective of the places I travel to. I base much of my life around food. I love fine dining and trying new cuisines! I enjoy going to the movies, live music events, getting dressed up for a night out dancing or the flip side- living the quiet cottage life up north and fishing! Oh and one more thing…. GO PACK GO! I am a HUGE and passionate football fan.

My parents discovered my love for dance when I was 3. I used to love going in the department store windows at the mall and dance for people walking by. I was always singing, dancing- putting on a show! I have done many styles of dance but never tried Ballroom until now.

Who is my dream dance partner? I’m married to him. Ryan Dart! On any given night if my husband gets out on the dance floor and busts a move with me- my night is made. He’s the most uncoordinated dancer ever, and I love it. Makes me laugh and smile ear to ear.

My favorite dancer of all time on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” is Peta!  She is technically stunning and always comes up with great choreography.

I knew the American Red Cross did good things, but when I took a tour at our local Red Cross facility I was blown away with the volunteers, the facility, down to the daily operation. It’s incredible! The Red Cross not only saves lives with blood donations, but is the first one there when a disaster happens, ready to go with supplies. There will be a day that we are all affected in some way by the Red Cross. It’s the least I can do to show gratitude and raise awareness. I am honored to support the Red Cross thru this event!

Here are a couple of ways that you can show your support for Jen!

Sunday, December 6 – “Silk Sunday” @ Proof from 10:00am-2:00pm

Join my fellow De Pere business, Proof – as they host “Silky Sunday” on December 6th from 10am-2pm with a great brunch menu! The best part is you get to dress in your Sundays best…. your pajamas. A portion of proceeds will go to the American Red Cross. Click HERE to see invite for more details.

Tuesday, December 8th – “The RED PARTY” @ Badger State Brewing from 5:30pm-9:00pm 

PS….. Also be sure to wish Jen a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Dec 8th!!!!!

jen - red party

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