Get to Know Both Sides of DWOS Community Dancer – Zeb Metzler

IMG_4615I am a Learning & Development Specialist for Innovative Services where I teach people to work with individuals with developmental disabilities, mental illness, challenging behaviors as well as youth & family services. I grew up on the stage and have a passion for music, theatre and the arts!  I also play the piano and have always dreamed of being a ballroom dancer like the professionals you see on TV! Performing is something that is in my blood and there is no bigger rush than being on stage under the spotlight!  I also enjoy traveling, kayaking, amusement parks, cooking and spending time with family and friends.  I am living life with my partner of eight years and our three fur-children (German Shepherd, Jack Russell and a fat cat) in our little house on a lake! I wake up each day knowing that even though my life may not be what I dreamed it would be, life is good and I am grateful for all that I have in my life and that I am making a difference in the lives of others.  For me, making a difference is the highest form of art.

I was the kid who was ALWAYS dancing around, pretending to be a figure skater by “skating” around the linoleum floors in my socks! My first bit of choreography came in first grade during a talent show where I sang “Somewhere Out There” and rocked some complicated arm movements!

My dream dance partner would have to be Channing Tatum…for obvious reasons!

I have many favorites on Dancing with the Stars…Derek Hough is at the top of my list as he is an amazing choreographer and dance partner…and Cheryl Burke because she looks a bit like my cousin AND she dances with such passion! …AND Peta Murgatroyd because I won the “polka with Peta” last year and she is just a rock star on the dance floor!

I support the American Red Cross because they also make a difference in people’s lives and are always there in the time of crisis for countless families. Myself and my partner both work directly with the Red Cross through our professional careers and believe strongly in their mission and the amazing work they do.



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