Get to Know DWOS Community Star Dancer – Lori Dufek


I’m so excited take part this fabulous experience!

I’m a Lena native, and proud to still call this great little community my home.  My husband Charlie and I went to Kindergarten together and all the way through high school….no secrets!  We live “In God’s Country” treasuring our natural oasis, enjoying the peace and quiet after our hectic days.

We couldn’t be more proud of our greatest blessings, Nick, Ben, Eric, Emily, and Brittany as well as their spouses, Rhonda, Amber, Allison, Lance, and Nick.  And then life’s REAL greatest blessings come along…Abigale, Greyson, William, Brody, and the little sprout who’s being developed!  All of our free time revolves around trying to gather this group together as often as possible.   I’m fortunate also to have my sisters and brothers and their families, Mom (and Dad from Heaven) close and present in our lives.

I’ve been privileged through the years with some wonderful career opportunities. I was the Director of Imaging at NEW MRI Center and worked with a dynamic team for 19 years who mastered having fun everyday while using innovative technology to help people understand what was going on inside their bodies.  Nine years ago I was given the opportunity to challenge myself and step into a sales role for all of the Medical Imaging Technologies.  The reward here is that I now have friends across the world.  Every day I learn something new and make a new friend!  My employer,  NXC Imaging’s Corporate Office is in Minneapolis however I am allowed to work from the center of my territory, my Lena office!  NXC has been awarded as one  of the Star Tribune’s Top Work Places year after year due to their positive team culture, mutual respect, trust, and appreciation.  I’m really proud to be part of this team.  Our mission is Never Ordinary.   We strive to deliver impressive and spectacular service that is far superior to our competition.

Dancing has always represented great fun in my life.  The Lawrence Welk show would bring the first memory of dance,  a weekly ritual for the family. I always loved the ladies beautiful dresses, high heels, and pretty hair.  There is nothing better than a family wedding dance.  Seeing your brothers and sisters, kids and grandkids get a little crazy is a priceless experience, pure fun!  As a cheerleader in high school we also performed  “Half Time Dances”, more great memories!  My husband and I tried to take our dance moves to a higher level. We took dance lessons before the first of our children’s weddings.  We thought we were pretty good…when he let me lead!

I absolutely love watching Dancing with the Stars.  I find myself smiling the entire dance and getting into their rhythm.  My all-time favorite, hands down, is Double D, Donald Driver.  That smile says it all!  Thank you Donald, it was like we won the Super Bowl all over again!

While taking a walk one evening early this summer on our country roads my husband and I met up with our neighbors Bill and Kathie Beschta.  Bill’s eyes lit up and said that he was just thinking of me and asked if I’d consider participating in an experience of a lifetime next year.   After hearing more about this opportunity and the great purpose of this event, I had a hard time saying no.  I always taught my children to challenge themselves, so it’s hard to not stand behind what I preach!  Of course my husband agreed that this would be a great thing for me to do….easy for him to say!!!  I agreed as long as I could work with Bill and Kathie since I have the utmost admiration for their energy and grace on the dance floor.  They are such an inspirational couple to watch perform.  I appreciate their willingness and commitment to coach me through this.   A positive attribute we have going for us is that we can practice locally!

I’m proud to serve as the President of the Lena School Board.  “Small Community…..Great Opportunity” is our Mission Statement.  We believe that by promoting a strong, positive work ethic and preparing our students to become lifelong learners our students will be prepared to become responsible contributors to their local and global communities.   I’m certain that the school cafeteria may serve as home to some of our practices.  We are just a couple of Lena kids using our work ethics to contribute to our global community!!

I support the American Red Cross because of the amazing things that it does for people in need such as emergency assistance, disaster relief, and education. I am especially grateful for the transportation program which allows elderly or disabled people the opportunity to get to appointments when they have no other alternative transportation.  It all comes back to being a good neighbor.

“The Best Way to Find Yourself is to Lose Yourself in the Service of Others.”-Mahatma Gandhi

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