Get to Know DWOS Community Star Dancer – Maureen Gagnon

i-CZkWprG-XLI have been blessed with a wonderful family.   My husband Jim Gagnon and I raised twin boys that are now married and we couldn’t be prouder of the young men they have become.  We have a family owned business that we are all involved with in some way.  Jim is the President; Jamison is in sales and runs our growing fireplace department.  Andre is our website and tech guy when needed.  I am also in sales and a licensed Interior Designer.   Gagnon Clay Products is a brick, stone, masonry and fireplace company that has been in existence since 1914, three generations run by a family member.

I have lots of hobbies including Cycling, Golf, Zumba, and Yoga. I would like to add traveling to this list when I retire, however one of my most treasured passions is Ballroom dancing.   I am grateful to have my husband Jim as my partner to share the dance experience.  We started dancing together when we became “Empty Nesters” when our boys went off to college. We now both have dance fever and like to practice our dancing and learn new dances too.  I probably have my dance instructor Terry Irwin to thank for bring out our passion for dancing.

My first dance recollection is dancing and singing to Michael Jackson from the Jackson 5’s  “ABC” in my bedroom to a vinyl 45 record on my phonograph in my bedroom.  Ok that had to be in the early 70s!

I already have my dream dance partner, my husband Jim Gagnon.   We know each other so well that it makes for a good partnership.  I also know most of his dance moves!

Derrick Hough is my favorite dancer on the show Dancing with the Stars.  His choreography is always stunning and the dance he creates with his partner is always a joy to watch.

My husband Jim Gagnon & I have been supporting the Red Cross for the past 11 years and this is why: The American Red Cross is a necessary nonprofit organization that responds to emergency situations and helps fill basic human needs during disaster situations.  During emergency situations the media will always point out that the Red Cross is on the scene.  The Red Cross is known for their blood drives collecting lifesaving blood needed every day.  There are numerous other needs fulfilled locally like, providing rides for the elderly and people with disabilities, again providing for basic human needs.  This is all accomplished by volunteers!

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