Get to Know DWOS Community Dancer – Karen Classon

karen ClassonI’m a business owner deeply invested in my community, a passionate participant in all kinds of activities including dance, and a staunch supporter of the American Red Cross. So how could I not get involved in Dancing With Our Stars?

My connection to the American Red Cross is a personal one. I own and operate SKB Management Inc, a Green Bay apartment development and property management firm formed by myself and my late husband Stephen more than 30 years ago.

In that time, my renters have experienced everything nature and misfortune can dish out:  fires, floods, windstorms, tornadoes … you name it. And each time, WHO WAS THERE FIRST? The American Red Cross, ready with water, food and even shelter for every resident who needed help, no questions asked. Dancing With Our Stars is now my chance to give something back.

I vividly recall my first dance – a polka with my father at a wedding. Back then, every Wisconsin wedding reception featured a polka or a waltz, and my parents would always dance them. Since that first polka with my Dad, I’ve loved them all — waltzes, rock and roll — and yes, still the polka!

My dream dance partner was of course Steve, who passed away in 2012. What I wouldn’t give to have one more dance with him!

Beyond work and dance, I stay active through hiking, biking, snowshoeing, skiing and fitness training. I also enjoy travel, reading, Door County and spending time with my wonderful friends and family.I’m honored for the opportunity to give back to the American Red Cross, helping to raise funds for this great organization through Dancing With Our Stars. I look forward to your support!

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