Get to Know: Brian Bartel

IMG_2648BLKI can’t dribble a basketball without looking at it…

I’ve done the Jacksonport Polar Plunge MORE THAN ONCE!

I cry at the end of The Natural, every time I see it.

I’ve been to Tonga.  They sell beer at the hardware store but not the liquor store.  Makes sense to me.

I’m terrified of bats, and of flying, and of dancing in front of large groups of people.

I once read James Joyce’s “Ulysses” and “The Companion to James Joyce’s Ulysses” simultaneously over a 6 month period.

My favorite bands are Cake, Sublime, the Foo Fighters, and I’m going through a Black Sabbath renaissance.

I once crewed on a tall ship for three months.  When I got off the boat I had working man hands, Popeye forearms, and a ridiculous beard.

I’m secretly mortified at all this talking about myself, but hey, it’s a bio!

Our Dancers Give of their Blood, Sweat & Tears!

Get to know Susie Beverstein:

20131114_130648 - susieI am Susie Moore Beverstein, a retired Green Bay Public School reading specialist and CESA 7 consultant.  I was born and raised in Green Bay, as were my parents, and two siblings.

I met my husband of 41 years, Rick, while we were “Parkies” at Webster Park.   Together we have three wonderful daughters, three marvelous sons-in-law, and the frosting, three darling grandchildren, with #4 on the way.  We embrace any opportunity to be with our girls and their families; we love live theatre performances and dancing to orchestra music, road trips and recorded books, bay side living and wine on the wharf,  a fabulous circle of friends, and like so many of you, being supporters of, and cheerleaders for, this great community.

Photo by Frievalt Photography

Photo by Frievalt Photography

In 2005, Rick and I thought it would be a good idea to take a few dance lessons before a daughter’s wedding.  In about 60 minutes, we were hooked!, and have been taking weekly lessons ever since.   As a preschooler, my mom enrolled me in Vesper Chamberlain’s dance studio, which was located in the former Women’s Club building, located on Walnut Street, next to the Green Bay Press-Gazette.  I recall being in a Kitty Cat routine performed on the stage of the Bay Theatre!

My favorite dance partner is my husband Rick.   Never the shy one, Rick is a terrific lead, and he has an affinity for remembering steps!  However, I wouldn’t mind a spin around the floor with Donald Driver or Derek Hough!

My family has had a long history of being Red Cross blood donors.  Both my father and I have a blood type that is often in short supply, and while my dad is way beyond the 10 Gallon Club, I am still working towards that marker.   As a couple, we are humbled by the selfless, tireless work of this organization, and are honored to be a small part of this fund raising effort.

Get to know Rick Beverstein:

20131114_092535 - Rick BeverstienI am Susie’s husband, Rick, the father of three remarkable young women, and now “Bop” to my three grandchildren.  I’m also a Senior Vice President at Aon which I joined (as the Murphy Insurance Agency) upon graduation from Marquette University in 1972.

To the list of avocations we share I’d add symphonic music, classic films and exploring by kayak our beautiful “Gathering of Waters” state.

My first real dance memories go back to the fabled “Allouez Dances” of the early 60’s…7th & 8th grade girls on one side of the gym and boys on the other until the “Ladies Choice” last song of the evening.  Elvis and Can’t Help Falling in Love With You, which would last for eight minutes as “the needle” was moved back to the beginning of the record several times.

My most memorable dances, however, were with my girls; three Fathers-of-the-Bride moments I will always treasure.  I’m lucky to share a life with my dream dance partner, and of course she will be my Valentine Weekend dance partner as well.

I don’t think I could pick a favorite ABC performer, but I did witness in person ESPN’s Erin Andrews (and partner Max) complete a few jaw dropping moves.

I married into a blood donor family and joined a blood donor firm; we’ve been an award winning One-A-Week organization for more than 28 years…hats off to my life saving colleagues!

Get to Know: Tracy Lemsky

IMG_2668I am originally from New England but have been part of the Green Bay community for 13 years.  It was my intention to eventually move back to the East coast but after settling in and truly enjoying what this community has to offer, my husband, Jim, and I decided to make Green Bay our home.  We enjoy traveling, biking, and spending time outdoors.  I have a smart, beautiful daughter named Chelsea who is currently a senior at UW-Madison and is the Hoofer Council President.   Although I am not a dancer, I enjoyed watching my daughter dance for the Bay Port High School Dance Team for four years.  We also have two energetic weimaraners, named Madison and Mitchell, that keep us on our toes at all times.

As Senior Vice President and Private Banking Group Manager at Associated Bank, I get to spend my time working with an amazing team of professionals.   The special part about this team is that we all have a common goal to provide the best service to our clients and give back to our community while maintaining a healthy balance with what’s most important in life – our families.  It is wonderful to work for a company that allows their employees to give back to the community but it is extraordinary to work for a company that actually encourages and inspires you to do so.

My first real memory of dancing, if you could call it that, was when I was in grade school.  My sisters and I would play the sound track to “Grease” and do the “Hand Jive”.  We were head over heels in love with John Travolta and enjoyed doing all of the dances from the movie.  A more recent memory of dancing was doing the Rumba with my husband on our wedding day.  Although I was surrounded by our closest friends and family, it was still a nerve-racking experience.

My dream dance partner would have to be the late Fred Astaire.  His dances were fun and looked virtually effortless.   His ballroom dances with Ginger Rogers reminded me of a fairy tale romance.  They were simply beautiful.  Also, I figure at 114 years old, I wouldn’t have any problem following his lead.

My favorite dancer of all time on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” has to be Donald Driver.  Watching him have so much fun in every dance he did made it exciting to watch.  His charismatic way and contagious smile brought something new to the competition.

When someone asks why I support the American Red Cross, I am almost tongue-tied because there are a million reasons to support this incredible organization.  The first reason that comes to mind is the quality education they deliver.  Their classes provide the skills needed to respond to basically any emergency.  Another reason the Red Cross is remarkable is their ability to help in times of crisis.  Every time I read the paper or watch the news and hear of the lives affected by a natural disaster, I feel powerless because I want to help them all.  Supporting the Red Cross, by participating in DWOS, is my way of reaching out and helping the most people in need.

A special thanks to my family, friends, and wonderful husband for their support of my personal mission to help the Red Cross.

Get to Know: Chris Lofgren, Chief Executive Officer for Schneider National

Photo by Frievalt Photography

Photo by Frievalt Photography

My name is Chris Lofgren, Chief Executive Officer for Schneider National.  I have been blessed with 19 years of employment at Schneider National.  More importantly, I am the father of two wonderful children, Grace and Christian.

My first dance memory was being “selected,” as a sixth grader to represent Hamblen Elementary School, in the Spokane, WA district wide “square dancing jamboree.”  What comes back is the terror of actually having to hold hands with a girl!  This is followed by a memory from an eighth grade “sock hop” where dancing appeared to imply boys standing on one side of the gymnasium looking at girls standing on the other side.

As with all things, changes occur and so do the memories.  I can vividly recall high school dances to the music of bands like Chicago, The Doobie Brothers, Earth Wind and Fire, Tower of Power, Average White Band, and my favorite, Led Zeppelin, to name a few.  These were the years where my dates moved their attractive hips smoothly and easily to the beat of the music, while I tried desperately to figure out how to shuffle my feet!  Oh, and the much coveted, but still dreaded, slow dance…what am I supposed to do with my hands, forget about my feet!

College was my breakout for dancing.  Attending Montana State University meant learning to Jitter Bug, which created great opportunities to ask beautiful co-eds to dance throughout Friday and Saturday nights at Little Johns, and St. George and the Dragon, bars in Bozeman, MT.  And being a member of Sigma Nu Fraternity, who could forget the toga party dance steps made famous to the song “Shout” in the epic cultural movie, “Animal House!”

All of this is light years away from the grace and sophistication of ballroom dancing!  May God help my professional dance partner.

My favorite dancer would have to be Sammy Davis, Jr.  I can still recall his great tap dancing routines as part of the “Rat Pack” with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.  As for my dream dance partner; that would have to be Marine Jahan the “dancer double” for Jennifer Beals in the movie Flash Dance.

Given Schneider National’s long term involvement in transporting relief items to natural disasters, we have a deep appreciation for the incredible role the Red Cross plays in our country.  Mother Nature knows no prejudice to geography, gender, or race when it comes to imparting hardship.  The Red Cross is always at the heart of efforts to alleviate the immediate displacement, and start the healing, for victims of these catastrophic events.  Schneider National is proud to be a sponsor and partner in helping the Red Cross continue their vital role.