Jody Weyers Shares Her 2nd Lesson Dance Experience

1010158_632813020084142_1218340083_nThis is lesson number two for me with my dance partner Michael Witte, of Simply Ballroom. I must admit when our development team first came up with the “Dancing with the Stars” concept for a fundraiser, I thought, it would be fun to learn how to dance. After 10 lesson in 2009, my dance shoes have not been used since.

They are being dusted off now!  I will be doing two dances. The Tango and the Cha Cha. In this video we are practicing some basic steps for the Tango. In a tango, the women’s head is to the side of her partner. I had a big issue, that every time Michael would talk to me, I would look at him. Good eye contact is great in meetings and in social setting, NOT in ballroom dancing.

You will see my arm is along the side of Michael’s head. This is not your Tango dance hold, that is so my head does not go past the line of my arm. This dancing thing is much more physical than it looks, and I am in the “easy stuff”.  Try this exercise at home. 

  1. Stand up
  2. Make yourself tall (not by standing on your tippy toes) lift through your rib cage.
  3. Now drop your shoulders
  4. Lift your arms in Tango Position
  5. Hold
  6. And…. Don’t forget to breath…..

Not an easy task!!!  This Sunday is lesson number three!  Keep you posted on this journey, and please remember to VOTE (either for me or one of our other dancers) Either way the Red Cross and the community benefits but of course I prefer if you vote for me to help in my “40 for 40 campaign.

Thank you for the support.


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