Get to know: Deb DeLeers

photo by Frievalt Photography

photo by Frievalt Photography

I grew up in Bay Settlement, which is a community on the far east side of Green Bay, and spent most of my free time working for my father’s painting company.  As part of the painting “crew”, I got to travel through scenic Northeastern Wisconsin on a daily basis and help color countless barns red.  To this day, I’ll challenge anyone who thinks they can paint a better white stripe on a barn corner…I’m just saying.

I worked for my family’s business throughout high school and dabbled with forensics (acting) and other academic teams in my free time.   I enjoyed sports, but didn’t want to play them competitively…I liked the idea of being in our school’s theatrical productions, but realized that I didn’t really sing well…so, my high school years were pretty tame, all things considered.

As a first-generation college student in my family, I took a leap of faith and headed south after graduating from Luxemburg-Casco to pursue my undergraduate degree at UW-Oshkosh.  Thankfully, I didn’t have to spend too much time on the party circuit…I started dating my future husband, Jim, when I turned 21, so I spent every week catching up on schoolwork so that I could spend my weekends back in Green Bay.  When it came time to head to law school, I was petrified at the thought of living in a big city, so Milwaukee and Madison were out.  Instead, I set my sights on the golden cornfields of DeKalb, IL.  In theory, the school was perfect for me…small town charm, rural setting…  which would have been fine, until I discovered that I was allergic to the corn in DeKalb.  Needless to say, living in Milwaukee was far more attractive that I was with hives, so I found myself traveling north to finish my legal degree at Marquette University.  I don’t know what I was so afraid of…I loved the two years I spent in Milwaukee!

After graduation, I came back up to Green Bay to settle down, get married, and embark upon my new career.  I started practicing law in 2007 and quickly became connected with various community organizations.  I am currently practicing at Peterson, Berk & Cross, S.C. and in my spare time, I serve on the Service League Board, Junior Achievement Board, and give my time and talents to various other community organizations.  While it can be an overwhelming commitment at times, I am thrilled to be able to make a difference in the community where I was born and where I am choosing to raise my family.

From little on, I believed that one day, I would do extraordinary things.  I’m quite sure my mother felt the same way…I remember her telling me that I was “one of a kind” and that I beat to my own drummer!  Looking at my life, I am happy to say that I was right.  Jim and I have been together 11 years (yes, I know I am not old enough to have been with him for 11 years), we have two wonderful children who amaze and entertain me on a daily basis, I’ve established a successful career, and I made it to the big time as a star dancer for the American Red Cross!  I am grateful for every opportunity that brought me to this very point in my life…now I can only hope for some grace on the dance floor!

Just Try….. Wise Advise from the Next Generation

IMG_2359 Tammy E.

Tammy Elliott photo courtesy of Frievalt Photography.

I’m an early riser by trade my alarm goes off at 2:20am to get ready for Action 2 News This Morning at 4:30. But seriously I love the nightlife. I want to go where the people dance. I want some action, I want to live!  Are you singing along with me yet? “I love the nightlife; I got to boogie on the disco, yeah”.

When I started writing my bio that song started running through my head. “I love the Nightlife” Alicia Bridges, circa 1978. Yes, I was alive and old enough to boogie to that beat.

So I’m hoping to polish my moves I now only show off at home during a fun time my family calls: “Friday Night Dance Party”.

“Dancing with Our Stars” will be an incredible opportunity to get into the groove and express myself in a new way!

Jim & Therese are a Little Camera Shy…..

We stopped into Simply Ballroom last night to capture star dancer,  Jim Rivett & his dance partner Therese Clarke…. they were a little camera shy, not to reveal their top secret dance moves, but we succeeded in capturing part of their practice.

One thing is for sure…. FUN is a big part of their lessons! Jim needs your support on his quest to win the Fundraising Mirrorball Trophy.  VOTE here!!

Jody Weyers Shares Her 2nd Lesson Dance Experience

1010158_632813020084142_1218340083_nThis is lesson number two for me with my dance partner Michael Witte, of Simply Ballroom. I must admit when our development team first came up with the “Dancing with the Stars” concept for a fundraiser, I thought, it would be fun to learn how to dance. After 10 lesson in 2009, my dance shoes have not been used since.

They are being dusted off now!  I will be doing two dances. The Tango and the Cha Cha. In this video we are practicing some basic steps for the Tango. In a tango, the women’s head is to the side of her partner. I had a big issue, that every time Michael would talk to me, I would look at him. Good eye contact is great in meetings and in social setting, NOT in ballroom dancing.

You will see my arm is along the side of Michael’s head. This is not your Tango dance hold, that is so my head does not go past the line of my arm. This dancing thing is much more physical than it looks, and I am in the “easy stuff”.  Try this exercise at home. 

  1. Stand up
  2. Make yourself tall (not by standing on your tippy toes) lift through your rib cage.
  3. Now drop your shoulders
  4. Lift your arms in Tango Position
  5. Hold
  6. And…. Don’t forget to breath…..

Not an easy task!!!  This Sunday is lesson number three!  Keep you posted on this journey, and please remember to VOTE (either for me or one of our other dancers) Either way the Red Cross and the community benefits but of course I prefer if you vote for me to help in my “40 for 40 campaign.

Thank you for the support.


American Red Cross Announces Dancing with our Stars 2014 Participants

The newest group of “star dancers” for the American Red Cross Dancing with our Stars fundraiser was unveiled Tuesday night at a kickoff party sponsored by Festival Foods.  The 11 community members competing to raise the most funds to support local Red Cross efforts are:


2014 Dancing with Our Stars:
L-R: Rick Beverstein, Deb DeLeers, Brian Bartel, Mike Spurlock, Stacy Struck, Jody Weyers, Susie Beverstein, Jim Rivett, Tammy Elliot, Tracy Stansbury Lemsky, and Chris Lofgren.


Brian Bartel – Dad/Inventor

Rick & Susie Beverstein – Senior Vice President, AON (Rick)

Deb DeLeers – Attorney, Peterson, Berk & Cross, S.C.

Tammy Elliott – Morning News Anchor, WBAY-TV 2

Tracy Lemsky – Senior Vice President, Private Banking Group Manager, Associated Bank

Chris Lofgren – President/CEO, Schneider National

Jim Rivett – President, Arketype

Mike Spurlock – Partner, Spurlock, Runyan, Miller & Assoc., C.P.A.s

Stacy Struck – Regional Manager, Jack’s Maintenance

Jody Weyers – Director, Volunteer & Communications at American Red Cross

They will now spend the next four months learning two ballroom dances which they will perform at Dancing with our Stars 2014, presented by the Schneider National Foundation. That event will take place Saturday, February 15th at the KI Convention Center in downtown Green Bay. Dancing with our Stars is now in its sixth year and it is has been a sold-out event each year. Not only do those in attendance support local efforts, so can those not attending as the “star dancers” receive votes in the form of donations to the Red Cross. One dollar equals one vote. Donations can be made now at this website:

The person who raises the most money between now and the end of the event will be awarded the coveted Fundraising Mirror Ball Trophy. All funds raised support disaster prevention, preparation and relief, the life-saving training of first aid, CPR/AED classes, collection and testing of blood and blood products, support to military members serving around the globe, the transportation program and international programs.

DanceSport of Green Bay, J. Powell Dance Studio of Green Bay, Simply Ballroom of Green Bay and TC Dance Club of Appleton are the participating dance partner studios for the event.

Information about tickets will be available at a later date. More event information can be found on the following Red Cross platforms:

Dancing with our Stars website:

Dancing with our Stars blog:


Twitter: @NEWRedCross (#DWOS to join the conversation!)

Northeast WI American Red Cross Website:

The Schneider National Foundation, Arketype, Associated Bank, Bay Industries, Festival Foods, Green Bay Packaging, Inc., the Green Bay Packers, Jack’s Maintenance, WBAY-TV, WIXX and the Green Bay Press-Gazette are proud sponsors of Dancing with our Stars 2014.