The Man behind the Mirror Ball Winners

Terry Irwin Talks about Instructing Betina & Donald Driver in Ballroom Dancing

IMG_8654 - mirror ball 2

Terry Irwin is like a proud father these days after Betina and Donald Driver drew rave reviews for their performances at the Fifth Annual “Dancing with Our Stars” for the American Red Cross of Northeast Wisconsin. Irwin, owner of TC Dance Club International in Appleton, coached the Drivers and also developed the choreography for their two routines. “Working with the Drivers was truly an amazing experience from a teacher’s point of view,” says Irwin. “Not only are they intelligent and athletic, they have the work ethic and stamina of top professional couples. We would take anywhere from 3 to 8 lessons in a row.  We already knew of Donald’s talents from ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.” Betina’s raw, untapped abilities truly surprised me,” he said.

Terry teaching Betina and Donald a move for their rumba at his studio in Appleton.

Terry teaching Betina and Donald a move for their rumba at his studio in Appleton.

With 38 years of professional dance experience, including five U.S. Championships, Irwin knows talent when he sees it. “I had many lessons with Betina alone because of Donald’s schedule and would give her things to work on like Latin walks, body rhythms, or foot and ankle articulation, and low & behold, next lesson there would be a dramatic improvement,” he says. “I’ve trained several U.S. champions and the Drivers are right up there with the best I’ve ever trained.”

Betina Driver took home the Mirror Ball Fundraising Trophy for raising more than $155,000. As a dance couple, the Drivers earned the Judges’ Choice Award. Irwin’s time with the Drivers is something he will cherish forever. “Their playful nature and sense of humor made lesson times fly by. As their coach, I was inspired by their compassion, love of family, sense of community, spirituality, and open & caring nature. It was my pleasure and honor to be afforded the opportunity to work with this wonderful couple.”

To learn more about TC Dance Club International, visit their website:

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