Get to Know our Star Dance Partners: Taryn Oleson


Photo courtesy of Frievalt Photography, llc

There’s nothing like expression through movement.  At age four I took my first ballet class in Delafield, WI, and haven’t stopped dancing since.  My major of Environmental Policy and Planning and minor in Environmental Science brought me to UW Green Bay, where I fell in love with ballroom dance through UWGB’s club.  It’s my goal to work with fresh water resources combatting our world’s water crisis; ideally working in water conflict management and transformation internationally.

I instruct Zumba aerobic classes at the Kress Events Center, love sports and am enthusiastic about anything active.  This event marks the two and a half year point of my ballroom career in which I’ve earned State Champion titles, presidency position in club, and met people who mean the world to me.  Without them, I wouldn’t be here dancing in ways I had only dreamed of and for that I am so grateful.

It’s a great privilege to be supporting the American Red Cross Team through this event.  They do so much for our community, touching lives daily; this is a wonderful opportunity to share something that I love and make a difference doing it.  A big thank you to Bob Warpinski and Tommy Lemkuil for making this experience fantastic the first time around, and to Pat Warpinski for making it happen again; it means so much to share this with you.

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