Get to Know our Dancer Partners: Alyssa Zellner

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I am a senior at UW-Green Bay completing my undergraduate degree in Human Biology with an emphasis in exercise science. I was first introduced to ballroom dancing my freshman year of college. There’s always so much to learn and I love to challenge myself to learn new dances. My first experience with ballroom was at the state competition in Milwaukee, with two other competitions, Wausau’s Fall Ball and Adagio Social Competition in Appleton, recently following. This year will be my third year for dancing for the American Red Cross.

Learning how to ballroom dance and perform was a goal ever since I was little, and now I am so addicted to it. The more I dance, the more I have grown to enjoy the dances and the people. My favorites tend to change, but some that intrigue me are the waltz, tango, cha-cha, and samba. Besides ballroom dancing, I enjoy being outside, helping on my parents’ farm where I grew up, downhill skiing, ultimate frisbee, singing (in the shower sometimes), yoga, traveling, and spending time with all my friends and wonderful family.  I know all the stars will be great for the Red Cross Fundraiser at the 2013 Dancing with Our Stars! The volunteers at the Red Cross do so many wonderful things for the local community every single day, and I am so grateful to be able to support their mission and be part of the team!

Get to Know our Star Dance Partners: Jamie Keyzer


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Dancing and performing have always been an imperative part of my life.   After being involved in show choir and musicals throughout high school, I realized being on stage was my passion.  When I started my schooling as an elementary teacher at NWTC, I knew I needed to find an outlet to perform.  It was here that ballroom dancing became that integral outlet.  I joined the NWTC Ballroom Dance Club and became engrossed with the art of ballroom.  Shortly after I became involved in the dance club, I began taking private lessons and participating in competitions.   Dance presented itself in an array of opportunities.

It has been said many times before, but teaching truly is rewarding.   Having attended UW-Oshkosh for Education and through my teaching experiences, I have found it is most gratifying to witness students thriving in the classroom and building a foundation for their future.  Not only have I been fortunate to teach in the classroom, but I have been able to extend my instruction to include dance; both with children and adults.

Ballroom dancing embraces any age.  It has been my experience once people are introduced to ballroom, they absorb the essence of dance and they are often eager to progress.  It is my hope to create an atmosphere that invites any willing participant into the world of dance.

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Get to Know our Star Dance Partners: Jay Morth


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Jay D. Morth graduated from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay to receive his Bachelor of the Arts degree.  He started ballroom dancing at a young age, but really started to enjoy the art of ballroom dancing his sophomore year in college at the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley. He has been dancing ever since and has volunteered his time and efforts with DanceSport of Green Bay from 2009 to 2012.  He now works for Simply Ballroom LLC in Green Bay while also pursuing his certification in all of the American Style Dances from the Valley Social Ballroom Dance Teachers College in Appleton.  After certification Jay will also be an instructor in Appleton.

His passion for the arts has driven him thus far into his life and has continued to serve as a constant discipline to not only achieve his goals in the arts, but also in life.

It’s an enjoyment for Jay when he has the opportunity to stray from the beaten path of hard work to having the chance to relax with family and friends. Jay supports the American Red Cross because it’s an organization that has been around for many years performing wondrous tasks to support people in need and acting unselfishly. For these acts, Jay is willing to support such an organization.