Get to know Patrick Warpinski, Owner/Veterinarian of The Animal House

We can dance, we can dance, everybody’s takin’ the chance! –

“Men Without Hats”, 1983

photo courtesy of Frievalt Photography, llc

My very first dance memory brings me back to Eddie Whipp’s Dining Hall, town of Poland, to the evening of one of many raucous Polish weddings. My mother, aunts and cousins coaxed me onto the dance floor, and it was there at the age of 8, that I was introduced to the Waltz and Polka.  It was a tilt-a-whirl of fun being tossed and twirled about by these intrepid women.

Truth be told, my dance lessons did not go much further than that, because in an effort to be cool, I soon learned to make myself scarce after the chicken dinner and hang with the other guys who stood around and looked at the floor. After a long dance hiatus, I did take a Modern/Jazz class while studying at UW-Madison, where I worked night and day to pull out a B-.

Since a dance career did not seem like a strong possibility, I decided to give veterinary medicine a turn. In 1991, I earned my DVM. That time period was a highlight, because a year earlier I also married the love of my life, Collette LaRue.  22 years later we have four children: Shawnda (19), Ross (17), Chloe (17) and Sam (13), who allow me to live vicariously through their own musical, dance and athletic pursuits.

Upon graduation of veterinary school, I honed my veterinary craft in several small farming towns before planting permanent roots back in Green Bay in 1996. In 2004, I launched The Animal House, a start-up business endeavor, which has been both incredibly challenging and satisfying. I can honestly say that I genuinely love working with people and their pets. The work engages, energizes and is different every day. There is absolutely no other job that I would rather do in this world, even dance the Cha-Cha!

After the workday is done, I find specks of time for other interests. As an avid collector of vinyl, I am an aspiring audiophile. Relaxing at home with my family and spinning some vintage blues is my ideal way to unwind from the everyday hustle.

Thank you to The American Red Cross for this unforgettable opportunity. Following in my older brother Bob’s footsteps as a 2012 DWTS contestant, and Winner of the Special Contribution Award, I have big shoes to fill and a brotherly competitive desire to somehow “do one better”.  Admittedly, it is going to be tough!  All efforts of course, are in great fun and for wonderful cause.  I am truly honored and humbled to be a part of this amazing event.

Good luck to all the contestants and let the dancing begin!

One thought on “Get to know Patrick Warpinski, Owner/Veterinarian of The Animal House

  1. This message is for Dr. Pat…………years ago….lol…. when you first opened your Animal Hospital, I needed a place to board my 2 poodles while I went to the Chicago land area. I saw your “Bill Board” on the side of the highway near the Green Bay area…….I was coming from Northern Door County…………and I liked the idea of boarding my “kids” (dogs) at a place that also had a vet. .As luck would have it, the day I stopped in to the Animal House requesting a tour of your hospital and boarding, you were there and YOU Dr. Pat gave me a complete tour of your beautiful boarding area and also the hospital area……..”wow”……..I was very impressed. Over the years I boarded my “kids” with you when I went South to visit family and friends. After many years I had to put my two poodles down…….boy that was a hard thing to go through. But being the dog lover that I am, I found I needed a friend to keep me company in my senior years. I got myself a 7 week old Solid Black Cocker Spaniel. She is the love of my life………as cute as a bug……….she will be 5 years old in May. I noticed about a year ago she had a limp…….in her right read leg especially when she was first getting up from a laying position……so I took her to our local vet here in Door County. She advised me to see a vet that did surgeries……..and well since I didn’t know the vet she wanted me to go to………..long story to get here……lol…….I thought of you since I kind of know you, I thought I’d feel more comfortable seeing you……..if, of course you do orthopedic type surgery……..IF that would be what she really needs. And last but certainly not least I was looking for a Board Cert. Doc……….and I think you fill those shoes. I would appreciate your looking into this matter for me, and if your interested I could fill you in with the details. Thank you so very much for taking the time to read this.
    Regards……Gail Klima, 1809 Falcon Land, Ellison Bay, Wi. . .

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