Get to Know: Jay Morth

Jay D. Morth graduated from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay to receive his Bachelor of the Arts degree.  He started Ballroom Dancing at a young age, but started to enjoy the art of Ballroom dancing his sophomore year in college at the University of Wisconsin Fox Valley. He has been dancing ever since and has been volunteering his time and efforts with DanceSport of Green Bay. His passion for the arts has driven him this far into his life and has continued to be constant disciplines to not only achieve his goals in arts, but also in life.

It’s an enjoyment for Jay when he has the opportunity to stray from the beaten path of hard work to having the chance to relax with family and friends. Jay supports the American Red Cross because they are an organization that has been around for many years performing wondrous tasks to support people in need and acting unselfishly. He strongly believes in helping others when he can, so it only seems right to support an organization that believes in things the way he does.

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