Get to Know: Alyssa Zellner

Born and raised in the country in the Green Bay area, I have developed a continuous passion for ballroom dancing and hold it very close to my heart. I am a junior returning to UW Green Bay from UW La Crosse, and I am completing my undergraduate degree here in Human Biology with an emphasis in exercise science.  It seems it has been so long since my first lesson as a freshman in my very first lesson. There’s always so much to learn and I will continue to challenge myself to learn new dances. My first experience was at the state competition in Milwaukee, with two other competitions, Wausau’s Fall Ball and Adagio Social Competition in Appleton, following. In my first Dancing with the Stars in 2011, I performed a tango routine. Learning how to ballroom dance and perform in an event was a goal ever since I was little, and now I am so addicted to it. The more I dance, the more I have grown to enjoy certain dances. I have many favorites such as waltz, tango, and cha cha. Ballroom always lifts my spirits; in addition, I enjoy skiing, ultimate frisbee, playing with my dogs, singing (in the shower sometimes), practicing yoga, traveling, and spending time with my friends and wonderful family.  Brad is a great star to dance with for the Red Cross Fundraiser at the 2012 Dancing with the Stars! The volunteers at the American Red Cross do so many wonderful things for the local community every day, and I am grateful to be able to support their mission once again!

2 thoughts on “Get to Know: Alyssa Zellner

    • thanks jeana! miss you and wish you could be here to see it! i will get a video to you and thanks for checking out the blog haha!

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