Get to Know our Intern Dancers: Kari Hinrichs

Kari is a Green Bay native. She will be graduating in May from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay with a double major in Urban Design and Studio Arts.

I started ballroom my freshman year of college. I danced tap, jazz and ballet since I was seven, teaching it since 14, but college stopped my dancing career. I saw a flyer for UWGB Ballroom club while eating lunch with friends, and we all decided to try it out. It started a great new part of my life, adding new friends and opportunities. I love sharing not only ballroom dance itself, but the love of dance with others. I choreograph ballroom pieces for ‘Danceworks,’ a concert of dance at UWGB; and have been competing for three years, holding a State International Latin Title. Ballroom is a big part of my life. I’m excited to be dancing with Matt Smith. He is a great person and partner.

I’m so glad to be working with the Red Cross. This is my first year dancing with a star, I’m excited to help such an amazing organization that touches the lives of many.

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