Get to Know Intern Dancer Taryn Oleson

There’s nothing like expression through movement. At age four I took my first ballet class in Delafield,WI, and haven’t stopped dancing since.  My double major of Environmental Science and Environmental Policy and Planning brought me to UW- Green Bay, where I fell in love with ballroom dance through UWGB’s ballroom club. 

It’s my goal to work with fresh water supplies to combat our world’s water crisis; ideally implementing small scale water and sanitation systems in developing countries where supplies are scarce.  

I instruct Zumba aerobic classes at the KressCenter, love sports and am enthusiastic about anything active.  This event marks the year and a half point of my ballroom career in which I’ve earned State Champion titles, an officer position in club, and met people who mean the world to me.  Without them I wouldn’t be here dancing in ways I had only dreamed of and for that I am so grateful.

It’s a great privilege to be supporting the Red Cross Team through this event.  They do so much for our community, touching lives daily; this is a wonderful opportunity to share something that I love and make a difference doing it.  A big thank you to Bob Warpinski and Tommy Lemkuil for making this experience fantastic.