Get to Know: Rebecca Schuld

Hi! I am the lone weather girl in the area. You’ll find me on the weekend morning shows as well as noon and 4pm broadcasts during the week. I’ve forecasted weather in Wisconsin for nearly ten years and for the past year or so I have been at WBAY. Despite a strong dislike for our winter weather, I haven’t been able to escape! I graduated from University of Wisconsin Green Bay in 2005 and furthered my Meteorology studies through US-Graduate School and received my AMS Seal of Approval from the American Meteorology Society in 2010. I was born and raised right here in Green Bay, WI. If you can believe it, I am one of seven children and spent the first six years of my life living above our family-owned Dairy Queen just blocks from Lambeau field. I still reside in Green Bay with my beautiful daughter, Jaiden, and our two kittens.

When I’m not tracking storms, I enjoy spending time outdoors. I love softball, biking, disc golfing, and gardening. If I can get away, I’ll head to the nearest beach too! Indoor hobbies of mine include playing video games, listening to music, playing blackjack and cheering on the Brewers!

My favorite Dancing with the Stars winner is Nicole Scherzinger from Season 10. I loved her as a musical artist before her stint on Dancing with the Stars. Not only can the girl sing, but also she showed what incredible dance skills she has on the show. My dream dance partner would have to be Justin Timberlake.

I like dancing. Although I’ve not had any professional training, I was a cheer leader on the pom pon squad in high school. Although maybe not my first memory, but my fondest memories of dancing include cheer camps and our pom squad taking 4th place at the Midwest Competition during my junior year.

I think many of us feel the need to help others out where we can.  So, when I was approached to participate in this year’s local Dancing with the Stars event, it was a no-brainer. I am honored to help such a great organization that provides vital support to those in need.

9 thoughts on “Get to Know: Rebecca Schuld

    • We left for Fl. the end of Sept. for 7 weeks & had enjoyed watching you on the morning weather report before we left. However, since our return mid November, we have not seen you. We miss you. We thought you did an excellent job reporting the weather & are wondering where you have gone.

      • enjoy the weather when you are on the tube. Trouble is I have not seen you. I sincerely hope you are still on Channel 58. Miss you.

  1. Just want to let you know ,you are a classy lady .Want to know where you buy your clothes.the dress very classy today. I’m 9.5 so tall lady . Thanks for the weather .great job my husband says likes your dresses thanks again

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