Get to Know: Tom Lemkuil

My name is Tom Lemkuil.  However, everyone calls me “Tommy.”  I am an architect in Green Bay. My wife Missy and I are lucky to have two beautiful daughters, Sydney (9) and Mia (7).  I am a sports nut! I love the Brewers, Badgers and I am a Packer fanatic!   When I want to relax I will head to the golf course or find a pickup game of soccer or basketball. However, as my girls get older you may see me sitting in a lawn chair at one of their sports or dance events that I find equally relaxing (ok maybe not).

I have two early memories of dancing.  The first one would be with my sister Cathy.  As the youngest of four kids I was relegated to practicing cheerleading with my older sister.  To this day if you say, “Let me see your Frankenstein,” I jump into the routine and respond, “What did you say?” I have no idea what that even means.  The other memory comes from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air TV show.  I spent some serious time in front of the mirror perfecting the “Carlton” dance.  If encouraged, I can still break it out from time to time! My dance motto comes courtesy of Gloria Estefan, who said, “Sometimes the rhythm is gonna get you.” That’s why if “Footloose” or “Dynamite” comes on at a wedding I will be the first one on the dance floor.

My perfect dance partner would have to be one of my three leading ladies: Missy, Sydney or Mia.  Last year, I was one of forty Dads who did a “hip hop” routine with their Daughters on the stage of theMeyerTheaterin front of hundreds of hooting people.  While slightly embarrassing, it will still be one of my favorite memories and a great bonding moment for my daughters and I.

Why am I doing this and opening myself to the ridicule of my brothers and friends? Well, the Red Cross is a great organization and I want to support them because they help so many others.  The Red Cross is always one of the first to respond in a disaster and they have many other wonderful programs that need our support. I figure if my dancing makes people open their wallets, then queue up my first song because I want to help.

Go Pack Go!