Get to Know: Tommy Fox

I’m Tommy Fox, Evening Radio Personality of 101 WIXX. I was born and raised in Minnesota, and I love talking on the radio! It’s pretty much the only thing I have ever done. Before arriving at my permanent home of Green Bay, I have been on the air in places like Minnesota, Florida, Las Vegas and Denver. I am also a golf fanatic! Give me a radio station, a golf course, every cable channel and fun people to hang out with and I am golden! I am usually up for anything in the “what I like to do” department. I cannot stand fake people, tomatoes, liars, gold-diggers, bad drivers, onions, dental work, dirt balls, and Ben Affleck. I love lobster, hot female fashion, boats, lakes, dogs, watches, high heels (on a woman of course), couches, sleeping, radio, humor and some good stimulating conversation.

My first recollection of dance was when I was a little kid, about 6 years old, my parents taught me how to polka, because, well… they were into that! My favorite dancer from Dancing with the Stars, and also my dream partner is Lacey Schwimmer. She is fun, sweet, bubbly, gorgeous and VERY good at dancing!

I support the Red Cross because it is a great cause that will help people who are in the most need. I feel that helping people and doing things that are selfless not only help others, but also gives you a sense of happiness at the same time.

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