Get to Know: Brad Hutjens

Hi! I am Brad Hutjens, the Chief Credit Officer of Nicolet National Bank.  I am originally from De Pere and moved back to Green Bay in 2003 after finishing college at UW-Madison.  I am also a graduate of Marquette University.  I am currently engaged and attempting to assist my beautiful fiancé, Ryanne Cunningham (soon to be Hutjens), in planning our wedding in August.  On my free time I enjoy running and working out with Ryanne, attending various sporting events, golfing (after all, I am a banker), and going out to dinner.

I would have to say that my dancing ability is very similar to my pool game.  More specifically, I feel that I am a better dancer in that 3-5 drink range, and, on either side of that range, I’m just not that good.  However, any natural skill that I do show on the dance floor may go back to my childhood.  Due to the fact that I am the youngest child in my family and the only boy, I had to sit through every dance class that my older sisters took.  To this day, I don’t understand why my mom had to be at every dance practice…?

The reason that I am participating in Dancing with the Stars is because of the worthy organization it benefits, the American Red Cross.  The organization does an amazing job of providing relief and support when it is needed most. I am proud to be a part of this event along with the other Stars that have been chosen for the 2012 Red Cross Dancing with the Stars event!

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