Get to Know: Staci Kring

I’m Staci Kring, Senior Vice President for Retail Sales for Schreiber Foods, Inc. I was born and raised in Kansas where I met my husband, Scott, while attending Kansas State University. I started my career with Schreiber Foods, Inc. in 1995 and throughout the last 16 years have made many moves and changes with the company. I have moved along with my family multiple times and have lived in Utah, Kansas, and Arkansas. I now live in Suamico with my husband Scott and our boys; Skyler (age 13), Spencer (age 10) and our 14-year-old black lab, Chance.  My family has also enjoyed being a part of the Green Bay Gamblers association by participating as a billet family where we host a player in our home for the season. In addition, I am also active on the board for the Greater Green Bay YMCA.

My first dancing memory comes from my childhood. When I was young I was ‘pigeon toed.”  It was suggested I either join a gymnastic class or a ballet class.  At the age of 5, I tried gymnastics and was frightened of the balance beam so my mother entered me in a ballet class.  I remember my first performance was of “Alice in Wonderland” and I was a red lobster.  I was very disappointed, as I really wanted to wear a tutu.  Back then most of the costumes were made by hand with felt and tulle.  Because it was my first costume at a performance, I really enjoyed it.   I didn’t have to come up with a costume that year as I got to be a lobster for Halloween.  No one knew what I was…I really wanted that tutu.

My boys purchased the Michael Jackson Wii Dance game for my birthday and so far this is the only electronic game that I have a chance at beating them.  My favorite game is “Thriller” and I am proud to have already accomplished 5 stars on that song.

Thinking about “my ideal dance partner”… When I was younger, I would have definitely chosen Mikhail Baryshnikov or Fred Astaire…I also would have selected Patrick Swayze.  Who wouldn’t after seeing Dirty Dancing! I am a Southern girl at heart and passion, so I could definitely see myself dancing a two-step with the likes of Brad Paisley, George Strait or Tim McGraw.  But, at the end of the day, my dream dancer is my husband, Scott, who has been dancing with me for over 16 years.

I am really passionate about the care of people and how they are treated during an unexpected event in their lives.  During any disaster, the American Red Cross steps in and assumes the role as the representative of the people involved, to help them through the crisis and to be their advocate.  This Dancing with the Stars for the Red Cross program helps to provide the necessary funding to purchase items needed for Americans when a crisis arises.  I am honored to be a part of it!

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