Amazing Effort!

Stacy Richards posted this on her facebook page, and we just had to share with everyone! Thank you to all our stars who have been amazing, graceful and full of class! We are one week away from seeing all your hard work left out on the floor!  

I couldn’t be prouder of my son’s 6th grade house (4 classrooms) at Foxview Intermediate School in DePere.  They had a Penny War last week to raise money for the American Red Cross Lakeland Chapter (Dancing with the Stars).

The students brought in their pennies (and other change and cash) and had a fundraising competition between their four classrooms.We brought all the change to Nicolet Bank yesterday and found out these great kids collected 26,013 coins!!! The total raised for the Red Cross was $819.31.

DELO House (Mrs. Dean, Mrs. Eastman, Mrs. Lukas & Mrs. Overesch) at Foxview is awesome!!!

Haven’t voted yet? As you can see every penny counts.  Look what we can all do together.

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