Get to know our Dance Partners: Alyssa Zellner

I grew up in a small town and was raised on a farm, and there’s nothing like the feeling of being in the country.  I am a sophomore at UW Green Bay, and I am majoring in Human Biology with an emphasis in exercise science. I plan to continue my academic career at UW Lacrosse double majoring in Physical Therapy and Exercise Science with an emphasis in performance and/or fitness.

I adopted a more busy lifestyle when I joined the ballroom club my freshman year.  I’ve been participating in competitions since my enrollment in the ballroom club. My first experience was at the state competition in Milwaukee, with two other competitions, Wausau’s Fall Ball and Adagio Social Competition in Appleton, following. Learning how to ballroom dance was one of my goals ever since I was little, and now I found myself in love with it. The more I dance, the more I have grown to enjoy certain ones, in which the Tango, Waltz, Swing, and Cha Cha are some of my personal favorites, and I am anxious to master the Quickstep, Jive, and Samba.

No matter what type of day I am having, ballroom always enlightens my mood. Besides Ballroom dancing, a few other activities I enjoy are skiing, Ultimate Frisbee, showing livestock, playing with my dogs, spending time with my friends, singing, and traveling. 

I am extremely excited and honored to be part of the 2010 Dancing with the Stars fundraiser for the American Red Cross. I believe the tasks that the volunteers of the Red Cross perform are so meaningful to the community. I feel it is important to recognize what they do for those in need, and I am glad to be part of such an event to help fulfill their mission.

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