Meet the Dance Partners: Taylor Watry

artessence, LLC

I am 19 years old and currently attend The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. I am going to school for my Undergraduate Degree in Athletic Training, a minor in Psychology and Dance, and eventually Graduate School for Physical Therapy. I have been figure skating for 9 years and have been singing and dancing in show choirs for 7 years. The arts are a passion of mine and I couldn’t live life without music or dancing. I grew up here in Green Bay, Wisconsin and have a sister, Danielle. I first got into dancing when I was three years old and I took tap and jazz. Without dancing, skating, and the support of my family I wouldn’t be who I am today. I’m really proud of John Allen and Dean Lindsley and couldn’t have asked for better partners. Go Buckeyes!

I first started ballroom dancing 2 years ago. I first got into ballroom right after the first Dancing With Our Stars event. I was just helping out by selling flowers and to watch the dancers because dancing is a passion of mine. I thought it was so amazing and I immediately had to start. I have participated in many competitions including: State (in Milwaukee), Madison Competition, and the Green Bay Competition.

I did really well and took first in all of my events at the state Competition just nine lessons after I started. It was such a thrill and I am proud to be a part of the DanceSport of Green Bay Studio.

 Working with the Red Cross is such a great opportunity. They help save lives and it is just an amazing program. I love that we work with them since I am planning on working in the medical field.

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