John Allen Shares Why He is Supporting the Red Cross!

2010 is coming to a close and as we look back, your local American Red Cross Lakeland Chapter has had an extremely busy month and we need your support more than even.

From November 15-December 23 the American Red Cross Lakeland Chapter has responded to 17 incidences helping a total of 79 people with their immediate emergency needs. We have also provided food, water, coffee and snacks to 435 emergency workers at multiply incidences within the community.

State Farm Agent, John Allen, knows first hand just how important to Red Cross is in times of disaster. “With my experience as a State Farm agent, I unfortunately see a lot of people that need help recovering from disasters like home and apartment fires.  The Red Cross has been a great resource for people in their time of need after these and other disasters.  I am glad to personally support the Red Cross and to see State Farm support such a worthwhile cause.”

Hear John talk first hand on why he is supporting the Red Cross and check out his progress on the dance floor with his partner Taylor Watry.

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