Dean Lindsley Makes his Dancing a Family Affair!

We caught up with Dean, his wife Julie and daughter Grace at his last dance lesson. It is so great to see not only our stars turning into “dancers” but also sharing this experience with their families. This fundraiser for the American Red Cross Lakeland Chapter is about raising needed funds for program and services – but it also creates life long friends and supporters of the organization!

Along with the hard work, time and energy are stars are putting in, we have plenty of laughs along the way! Check out this Facebook post from Dean’s wife Julie —- You know we have all tried this before 🙂

Julie Lindsley Okay, I was doing a spin move during the actual show Dancing with the Stars on the tile floor, my shoes were a little slippery and I fell directly on my tailbone. No breaking the fall. Didn’t think I was getting up. Dean just looked at me and said What are you doing? We all laughed, but I am thinking I am going to be really sore tomorr…ow. It would have made a great Funniest Home Video.

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