Action 2 News This Morning Anchor, Kathryn Bracho Perfecting her Grace!

Northeast Wisconsin has now been able to get their first look and read a little bit about our 10 “Star Dancers” who will be putting themselves out there in learning to dance and perform to raise money for the Dancing with the Stars for the American Red Cross fundraiser!  Let’s hear from them in their own words on how things are going!

Posted by Kathryn Bracho on her Facebook Wall: “So, I’m supposed to be graceful for this Dancing with the Stars thing, and what do I do yesterday? In the office of my awesome teacher, Janet at DanceSport, I turned too quickly and knocked her decorative glass bowl onto the floor, breaking it. Whoops.”  😦

**** side note: Kathryn was not dancing at the time, just booking her next lesson. From looking at the video I say she is pretty graceful!