Jackie Finds Out If She’s Fit For The Dance Floor

In my hand is an 8 1/2 x 11 tattered photo of an 8-year-old girl in a white leotard, grass skirt, and lei around her neck.  As I chuckle, I recall dance lessons, recitals, and a hidden fantasy; yes, to land into the arms of Patrick Swayze and dance the night away.  I got sidetracked with a life full of amazing events!  My greatest accomplishment is my four spectacular children and nine grandchildren.

God has blessed me with many people and opportunities. Through the years I have owned several businesses ranging from decorating to fitness. I have always served people.   When I think back to why I started a business revolving around fitness, it all began with my father and his life choices.   He was an overweight smoker.  Dad suffered multiple strokes and he spent the end of his life he was in a wheelchair dying at the young age of 61. Upon my father’s death, I looked at myself, 50 pounds overweight, and a smoker wondering “where I was going to end up?”  So change had to start with me.  I started exercising, revamped my eating patterns, and I quit smoking. From a cheerleading and dance team coach, to a teacher at the YMCA and NWTC, TV educator, personal trainer, and even to a competitive body builder, my journey through fitness has been extensive.  I became a new me! I became passionate to motivate and provide the tools for others to achieve their goals. Fitnessology began 14 years ago and is a private personal wellness and training business.  It has evolved since its early days in a small storefront on Washington Street to the 10,000 square foot facility on Voyager Drive. Every day when I take notice of the people served by my business I am fulfilled, speechless, and grateful.

Fitness has opened many doors for me; the American Red Cross and Dancing with the Stars 2011 being one.  My acceptance had a bit of hesitation.   Not because of the competition, as competing is not new to me, but rather because of the time commitment and focus required to fulfill my internal desire to be the best that I can be. But thinking back to Patrick Swayze, I quickly regained my composure. “Yes, I can do it!”

It is a privilege to raise money for the American Red Cross.   We are both in the business of saving lives, whether it’s CPR or exercise. It is an honor to give back to this community.  Come and enjoy the evening with me and provide the money to save lives.  You never know, the next life you save may be your own!