“Like a Good Neighbor” John is Kicking up his Heels for the Red Cross

My wife Paula and I have three children, Bryn, age 13, Jack, age 11, and Grant, age 8.  When I am not training for Dancing with the Stars, I try to find time to sell insurance at my State Farm Insurance Agency in De Pere.

My first and only dancing recollection is from my wedding 19 years ago (and I barely remember that)!

Other than my wife (which I almost feel obligated to say), I would have to say that my ideal dancing partner would be Kate Gosselin.  She’s the only partner who may match my skill level!

I can honestly say I have never seen ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.  But from what I have seen on ESPN, I’d have to say that Jerome Bettis would’ve been my favorite dancer.

The Red Cross is a fantastic organization.  As I am in the business of helping people recover from the expected, we get to see the Red Cross first hand helping people in the time of an emergency.  This is why I decided to participate in their event!

My favorite song is “I Have Become Cumbersome,” by Seven Mary Three.  This seems so appropriate for the competition.

Besides my obvious passion for dance, I like to golf and downhill ski.  I also enjoy coaching my kids’ sports teams.  My wife and I also like to travel whenever it’s possible.