David Burns Conquers his First Lesson

Check out David Burns at lesson # 1. I see the potential for some great hip movements 🙂

David Burns, WIXX:  First Male Rockette

I have been with WIXX for over 20 years.  Currently I am the Assistant Brand Manager, Music Director and On-Air Talent there.  I also have a company, Third Floor Productions, in which I provide voice-overs for everything from TV/Radio ads to on hold messages throughout the country.  I am also the “asker” not the “expert”, as I have been reminded by my family several times, on Channel 2’s “Ask the Expert.”

Unfortunately, my love for music has not been extended to grace or dance….until now.  After seeing the huge metamorphosis of Average Joe following last years “Dancing With Our Stars”, I began to think that the possibilities of dance could be endless for me.  I thought I would start out local to establish myself as a reputable dancer.  Who knows after this…Appleton Performing Arts Center, Broadway or the first male Rockette.  Oh!  The dreams!!!  I must say that I was a little disappointed to find out that my formal wear will not include sequins or exquisite beading but I can still wear those at home. 

Possibly one of the most exciting parts of this performance will be wearing George’s jacket from last year.  Shhh!  Don’t tell Chris Roth!!  I recently tried on a similar jacket and I must say I look stunning!   Now all I have to do is get George to return my calls!

I am looking forward to the competition and raising money for such a great organization, The Red Cross.  Bring it on!!!!

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