Get to know Dan Frievalt!

The Real Dan Frievalt:

Co-owner of artessence, LLCDan Frievalt is a professional portrait photographer that enjoys blending creative light with graphic design to create artistic images that evoke drama and passion.

He has won several Best of Show Illustrative awards, a Court of Honor and the prestigious Kodak Gallery award in 2009. He has also earned a Top Ten Imager award from the Wisconsin Professional Photographers Association. He has an Associate degree from NWTC in Marketing Communications and has studied with many award winning photographers from around the world.

Always striving to learn as much about art and photography, Dan is always looking to improve on his craft. Watching movies, listening to music and travel are key to keeping his creative juices flowing.

Dance Questions:

1.      Describe your first dancing recollection. About how old were you and what was the occasion? I would have to say dancing with my cousin at my sisters wedding, I was probably only six. There is a photo, so it has to be true.

2.      Who is your dream dance partner? My wife, especially when we are in Mexico.

3.      Who is your favorite dancer of all time on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and why?  They are all great. It’s fun to see the stars in an area that is different than their normal professions.

4.      Why support the Red Cross with your participation? Any organization that has been around for as long as the Red Cross proves that it is both a helpful and needed organization. Without the Red Cross our World would be a different place. I feel honored to do my part to help with their mission.

5.      What’s your favorite song? I have no favorites, I listen to any music that helps me be creative. Depending on what I am creating artistically I choose the type of music that I think will allow me to create what I “see” in my mines eye.

Hobbies or passions: Fishing, watching movies, photography, painting portraits and traveling.

Dan Frievalt aka “Dano”

In high school Dan used to skip out of study hall and go to the band room to enjoy the music. After awhile he started to tap his feet to the beat of the sounds the band was playing. The band teacher took note and asked him one day if he wouldn’t mine playing the cowbell for a few songs. Not knowing how to read music, Dan was not too sure about why the band teacher was asking? Always the risk taker, Dan grabbed the cowbell and belted away.

Dan became so good at playing the cowbell, he was asked to play background tracks to such songs as Little Willy, Honky Tonk Women, Hair of the Dog, We’re an American Band and an underground version of Nothin’ but a Good Time by Poison. With the success of his cowbell talents, he changed his name to Dano, a small change but in the music industry he was a star!

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