Dance my Son, as you Never Have Before by: Mrs. Jane Witczak

Eric Witczak is the Senior Vice President Retail Banking Manager at Nicolet National Bank. He is a New London native and graduate of St. Norbert College. Eric and his wife, Kelly, have three children: Evan (age 8), Lauren (age 4) and Michael (age 1). Eric coaches baseball and football for his son Evan. He is Vice Chairman of the Board of the American Red Cross Lakeland Chapter and also serves on the board for the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Phoenix Fund.

When Dr. Seuss passed on in 1991, many secrets passed along with him. One well kept secret was that Dr. Seuss sometimes used writers to help him when he had writer’s block. One of these writers was Mrs. Jane Witczak, Eric’s mom. We asked her to pen his biography as only she can. “On a bright summer’s day, in the land of green trees, By a babbling brook, with a warm gentle breeze, He came into this world and he filled it with joy, The sun, it was shining on my bright little boy. Except when he wasn’t, cause sometimes it was true, That he wasn’t that perfect little boy that I knew, He hung out with Wuzzles, and he played with Kazah, He once even tried a Zipay Two Horrah! Then he got into sports, and all seemed o.k. It was basketball, football and golf all the day, For the Bulldogs of New London, he was star of the show The sportiest sports sportster as far as I know Now he’s married, three kids with his beautiful wife, Wildly successful, he has a great life. His job at the bank keeps him busy, it’s true, And I hear that on Sundays, he’s in the first pew. Now dancing?!? Oh my, now that is quite rare, You see, his feet aren’t exactly made up of air But the cause, it is good, as clear as the sky, (They don’t draw blood there, do they?), Oh wait, where was I? So dance my son, as you never have before, Go boogie around up and down the dance floor, Do the Ziggle, the Zaggle, the Franser and Strop, The Brustle with Muscle and Kalico Kop Don’t forget the Scruzzle, nor the Flippity Flu, Make them all jealous with your Bippity Boo! And while you’re performing, remember your smile, You’ll be a big winner, no matter your style!”

Seriously, Eric is very proud to support the mission of the American Red Cross.