Mindy Bennett; Powerhouse On and Off the Dance Floor!

Hello, I’m Mindy Bennett, owner of Balance for Body and Soul.   I was born and raised here in Green Bay and have been fortunate to have spent the good majority of my 36 years here.  I am married to Edgar Bennett and together we have two fantastic kids; Elyse, 9 and Edgar IV, 14.

My first dancing memory was when I was approximately four years old at a dance recital for ‘Delorite’s School of Dance.’ I was on stage front and center dancing on a wooden milk crate to the good ship lollipop. I completely forgot all of the steps in the middle of the song so I proceeded to make up my own.  Later I was told that it ended up looking like I had a solo in the song because of my placement in the front row, directly in the middle and the fact that I never stopped moving… I’m certainly hoping this memory isn’t a foreshadowing of my upcoming dancing spotlight!!  To this day, I still remember all of the words to that dance school theme song. What a blast!

My dream dance partner, hands down, would have to be my husband Edgar!

My all time favorite Dancing with the Stars dancer was Kristie Yamaguchi.  She was meticulous and graceful on the floor.  She definitely meant business when she was practicing and her work ethic certainly showed in all of her routines.

I am truly honored to be a part of this event because the Red Cross is such an integral part of helping our community in so many ways.  My first experience with the organization was through the annual blood drives held at my high school.  Because I am an owner of a fitness facility, it’s mandatory to maintain an updated CPR certification so I am lucky to have the Lakeland chapter of the Red Cross to stay current with industry standards.  Also, when my son became old enough to babysit, we sent him to the Red Cross babysitting course so he would be fully prepared for any circumstances which may arise.

I couldn’t possibly pick just one favorite song.  I get to listen to music for the good majority of my day while teaching classes. I use many different genres of music to compile my playlists for class.  Though if I had to narrow it down I would say the anything by the artist Prince would rank pretty high on my list!

I am so blessed that my hobbies and passion get to intersect directly with my career. I am able to be inspired daily by the fantastic group of clients that I have the opportunity to instruct. Outside of my yoga, spinning, and core conditioning classes, I also enjoy outdoor cycling.  I hope to add ballroom dancing to that list very soon!