Diane Roundy: Jitterbug Queen


Diane Roundy serves as Director of Business Development for Schenck, an accounting and auditing firm with 9 locations located throughout Wisconsin.  Diane began her dancing career at age 7 taking tap lessons from her hometown neighbor, Ms. Carla Hedtke.  When the class participants decided tap dance was not for Diane, she then pursued gymnastics on the backyard swing set. 

Diane was a self starter and learned all sorts of moves including twisting, flipping, falling and calling for “mom”.  As the youngest of 8 siblings and the niece to 21 aunts and uncles, Diane was able to attend an array of family weddings growing up in the small community of Oconto Falls.  Between the “Konitzers” and “Tisch’s”, she was related to practically the entire town. This is where her true dancing career began…at the family wedding…dancing to polkas, waltz’s and the “I can’t learn this” Jitterbug.   

Diane holds an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and an undergraduate degree in Business and Communication from UW Stevens Point.  She is the recipient of the Green Bay Chamber of Commerce’ Athena Award, past president of Management Women, Green Bay Advertising Federation, De Pere Business Association and the Green Bay Area Chamber Ambassadors. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for The Green Bay Packers, Denmark State Bank, The Women’s Fund of Greater Green Bay, Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce Group Purchasing,  Girl Scouts of the Northwestern Great Lakes, Inc and serves as a member of the American Foundation Ethics in Business Awards program. 

Dance Questions:

Describe your first dancing recollection. About how old were you and what was the occasion? 

Being the youngest of 8 siblings and having 21 aunts and uncles, you can imagine the weddings!  As long as I can remember, I was dancing up a storm at these family outings.

 Who is your dream dance partner?  

My dream dance partner is my husband, Rick. He can twirl me to no end and make me “feel” like I am floating through the air. Quite a challenge I assure you.

Who is your favorite dancer of all time on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and why? 

I admire all of the participants who have the courage to perform under the spotlight.

 Why support the Red Cross with your participation?

I have been giving blood since I was 18 years of age.  I believe in the Red Cross’ mission and the help the organizationprovides in a variety of areas especially emergency relief.

What’s your favorite song?

Will you Dance-Janis Ian; Paradise by the Dashboard Light-Meatloaf

Hobbies or passions:

Exercise, reading, and soon to be “dancing”.