Crystal Holtz, Finds Time to Dance!

You think you’re busy!  Let’s follow Crystal Holtz around.  Makes one tired just thinking about that!

As the Marketing Manager for the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin, Crystal promotes overall tourism for the tribe including the Oneida Museum, Tsyunhehkwa, Agriculture and Natural Retail Center, Apple Orchard, Buffalo Farm, Turtle School, as well as the various events and initiatives her department is involved in.  In addition, she promotes Oneida tours and cultural experiences.  She is very proud to work for the Oneida Nation which is one of the area’s largest employers, and, also, a vital community partner who supports numerous businesses and organizations in the Green Bay area (like the Red Cross.)

In addition to working full time, Crystal is also working on her Master’s Degree in Business Management and Organizational Behavior.  With two daughters, McKenzie, 17 and Mattie, 13, who have lots of teenager interests including competitive cheerleading, Crystal is on her feet “dancing” gracefully between all of her activities and responsibilities.

Dance Questions:

1.       First dancing recollection?  Age and occasion? 

Her parents “made her” take ballet and tap from 6 to 10 years old.  She took a dancing hiatus until she went to UWGB and “had a blast” doing jazz classes at the University. 

2.      Why support the Red Cross with dancing participation?

The Oneida Nation of Wisconsin decided to support the American Red Cross Lakeland Chapter by sponsoring Dancing with Our Stars.  Crystal says, “I took the bullet and became the ‘Designated Dancer’.”  We appreciate her dedication and hope you cheer this courageous “DD” on!

3.      Favorite song?

Crystal loves music – especially Hip Hop and Rap, her daughters are a huge influence on her music tastes.  She also is a big fan of classic rock – a good mix and very eclectic!

Hobbies or passions:

Music, golf and dancing – especially this ballroom dancing (well maybe)!  She hopes her dancing skills acquired at 6-years-old will give her a competitive edge in Dancing with Our Stars.



Dance my Son, as you Never Have Before by: Mrs. Jane Witczak

Eric Witczak is the Senior Vice President Retail Banking Manager at Nicolet National Bank. He is a New London native and graduate of St. Norbert College. Eric and his wife, Kelly, have three children: Evan (age 8), Lauren (age 4) and Michael (age 1). Eric coaches baseball and football for his son Evan. He is Vice Chairman of the Board of the American Red Cross Lakeland Chapter and also serves on the board for the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Phoenix Fund.

When Dr. Seuss passed on in 1991, many secrets passed along with him. One well kept secret was that Dr. Seuss sometimes used writers to help him when he had writer’s block. One of these writers was Mrs. Jane Witczak, Eric’s mom. We asked her to pen his biography as only she can. “On a bright summer’s day, in the land of green trees, By a babbling brook, with a warm gentle breeze, He came into this world and he filled it with joy, The sun, it was shining on my bright little boy. Except when he wasn’t, cause sometimes it was true, That he wasn’t that perfect little boy that I knew, He hung out with Wuzzles, and he played with Kazah, He once even tried a Zipay Two Horrah! Then he got into sports, and all seemed o.k. It was basketball, football and golf all the day, For the Bulldogs of New London, he was star of the show The sportiest sports sportster as far as I know Now he’s married, three kids with his beautiful wife, Wildly successful, he has a great life. His job at the bank keeps him busy, it’s true, And I hear that on Sundays, he’s in the first pew. Now dancing?!? Oh my, now that is quite rare, You see, his feet aren’t exactly made up of air But the cause, it is good, as clear as the sky, (They don’t draw blood there, do they?), Oh wait, where was I? So dance my son, as you never have before, Go boogie around up and down the dance floor, Do the Ziggle, the Zaggle, the Franser and Strop, The Brustle with Muscle and Kalico Kop Don’t forget the Scruzzle, nor the Flippity Flu, Make them all jealous with your Bippity Boo! And while you’re performing, remember your smile, You’ll be a big winner, no matter your style!”

Seriously, Eric is very proud to support the mission of the American Red Cross.

Mindy Bennett; Powerhouse On and Off the Dance Floor!

Hello, I’m Mindy Bennett, owner of Balance for Body and Soul.   I was born and raised here in Green Bay and have been fortunate to have spent the good majority of my 36 years here.  I am married to Edgar Bennett and together we have two fantastic kids; Elyse, 9 and Edgar IV, 14.

My first dancing memory was when I was approximately four years old at a dance recital for ‘Delorite’s School of Dance.’ I was on stage front and center dancing on a wooden milk crate to the good ship lollipop. I completely forgot all of the steps in the middle of the song so I proceeded to make up my own.  Later I was told that it ended up looking like I had a solo in the song because of my placement in the front row, directly in the middle and the fact that I never stopped moving… I’m certainly hoping this memory isn’t a foreshadowing of my upcoming dancing spotlight!!  To this day, I still remember all of the words to that dance school theme song. What a blast!

My dream dance partner, hands down, would have to be my husband Edgar!

My all time favorite Dancing with the Stars dancer was Kristie Yamaguchi.  She was meticulous and graceful on the floor.  She definitely meant business when she was practicing and her work ethic certainly showed in all of her routines.

I am truly honored to be a part of this event because the Red Cross is such an integral part of helping our community in so many ways.  My first experience with the organization was through the annual blood drives held at my high school.  Because I am an owner of a fitness facility, it’s mandatory to maintain an updated CPR certification so I am lucky to have the Lakeland chapter of the Red Cross to stay current with industry standards.  Also, when my son became old enough to babysit, we sent him to the Red Cross babysitting course so he would be fully prepared for any circumstances which may arise.

I couldn’t possibly pick just one favorite song.  I get to listen to music for the good majority of my day while teaching classes. I use many different genres of music to compile my playlists for class.  Though if I had to narrow it down I would say the anything by the artist Prince would rank pretty high on my list!

I am so blessed that my hobbies and passion get to intersect directly with my career. I am able to be inspired daily by the fantastic group of clients that I have the opportunity to instruct. Outside of my yoga, spinning, and core conditioning classes, I also enjoy outdoor cycling.  I hope to add ballroom dancing to that list very soon!

Diane Roundy: Jitterbug Queen


Diane Roundy serves as Director of Business Development for Schenck, an accounting and auditing firm with 9 locations located throughout Wisconsin.  Diane began her dancing career at age 7 taking tap lessons from her hometown neighbor, Ms. Carla Hedtke.  When the class participants decided tap dance was not for Diane, she then pursued gymnastics on the backyard swing set. 

Diane was a self starter and learned all sorts of moves including twisting, flipping, falling and calling for “mom”.  As the youngest of 8 siblings and the niece to 21 aunts and uncles, Diane was able to attend an array of family weddings growing up in the small community of Oconto Falls.  Between the “Konitzers” and “Tisch’s”, she was related to practically the entire town. This is where her true dancing career began…at the family wedding…dancing to polkas, waltz’s and the “I can’t learn this” Jitterbug.   

Diane holds an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and an undergraduate degree in Business and Communication from UW Stevens Point.  She is the recipient of the Green Bay Chamber of Commerce’ Athena Award, past president of Management Women, Green Bay Advertising Federation, De Pere Business Association and the Green Bay Area Chamber Ambassadors. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for The Green Bay Packers, Denmark State Bank, The Women’s Fund of Greater Green Bay, Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce Group Purchasing,  Girl Scouts of the Northwestern Great Lakes, Inc and serves as a member of the American Foundation Ethics in Business Awards program. 

Dance Questions:

Describe your first dancing recollection. About how old were you and what was the occasion? 

Being the youngest of 8 siblings and having 21 aunts and uncles, you can imagine the weddings!  As long as I can remember, I was dancing up a storm at these family outings.

 Who is your dream dance partner?  

My dream dance partner is my husband, Rick. He can twirl me to no end and make me “feel” like I am floating through the air. Quite a challenge I assure you.

Who is your favorite dancer of all time on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and why? 

I admire all of the participants who have the courage to perform under the spotlight.

 Why support the Red Cross with your participation?

I have been giving blood since I was 18 years of age.  I believe in the Red Cross’ mission and the help the organizationprovides in a variety of areas especially emergency relief.

What’s your favorite song?

Will you Dance-Janis Ian; Paradise by the Dashboard Light-Meatloaf

Hobbies or passions:

Exercise, reading, and soon to be “dancing”.

Will Michael Frohna’s Dancing Reveal a Family Secret??

“Is he his Brother?” screamed the April 21, 1966 headline of the Greendale Village Life, a poorly written news rag in Michael Frohna’s hometown.  Frohna was only a few weeks old and couldn’t read, but lore has it he may actually be his brother, Gregory.   As an identical twin, Frohna’s mother, Rita, depended upon the color of the pins used to fasten their cloth diapers to tell them apart:  Green for Greg, Blue for Michael.  The ritual was automatic: 4 or more times a day, every day for weeks. 

Frohna’s mother needed a break from the frantic pace of raising twins (plus their 19 month old brother). Their father, Tom, who was more compassionate than smart, was eager to give his wife a little time away.

Tom, who was also the lead dancer in the Milwaukee Chapter of the Polish-American troupe, Czernina Polkasters, was better on his feet than with his mind.  Tom twirled around the twins to keep them entertained.  Tom recalls, “Gregory seemed to rock to the beat, as though he wanted to join me in the dance, while Michael took it all in, listening to the cadence and tones of good polka music.” The dancing and listening continued until a change needed to be made—a change of diapers, that is.  Allegedly Tom was unaware of the significance of the pins, and as he continued to polka around the living room and change his sons’ diapers, he may have fastened one twin’s diaper with the other twin’s pins.  He panicked, “Did I just change more than diapers…did I change the future of my boys’ lives?” he muttered.

Tom reset the needle on the record player to see which twin would move, but neither did; rather, each twin drifted off to sleep.  With rapid repetition, Tom strained to see any sign that Michael was not Gregory and vice-versa.  It was not to be so.  With Rita at the door, Tom could not muster the courage to tell his wife of his possible error.

To this day, nobody really knows if Michael is really his twin brother. To weigh in on the mystery of the “Twins’ Pins”, attend Dancing With Our Stars and, based on the performance, decide for yourself if Michael is Michael or was he the twin “rocking to the beat” as an infant.

2010 All Star Lineup and Headshots!

chrischrisBWChris Roth,

WBAY Sports Director


Sarah Thomsen, 

Action 2 News at Four, Anchor/News Reporter


 Mindy Bennett,

Balance for Body and Soul, Owner


  Michael Frohna,

The Bellin Foundation, President


 Julie May,

Chestnut Gallery & Gifts, Proprietress


 Eric Witczak,

Nicolet National Bank, Retail Banking Manager and American Red Cross Lakeland Chapter Board of Directors, Vice Chair


Diane Roundy,

Schenck Business Solutions, Director of Business Development


 David Burns,

WIXX Midday personality, Music Director and Assistant Program Director


Crystal Holtz,

Oneida Nation Tourism Department, Marketing Manager

A big “thank you” goes to Terri and Dan at artessence LLC for these wonderful headshots.  We truly appreciate everything you have done for us and your work is fabulous!

Julie May: Class, Grace, and Dedication

PA131155After owning a clothing boutique called Compliments in the eighties and Twigs Floral & Gift Gallery in the nineties, I have truly found my passion with the opening of Chestnut Gallery & Gifts, which is a blending of found objects from all over the world.

People often ask me “Why the name Chestnut Gallery & Gifts?” I answer that I was raised on Chestnut Street and when I walk through the door of my shop, I feel like I’ve come home. Of course, not literally but I get the same feeling of being at home, a result of hard work and the tremendous support from family, especially my husband Jack.

I am a huge advocate of “random acts of kindness”. It has always been my way of fulfilling a desire to help people when they least expect it.

Contributing has been a lifelong commitment of mine and I have been given the opportunity to do just that through my three businesses. I often told my two sons while they were growing up that upon encountering someone suffering or in need, do whatever you can to help them. We have been so blessed as a family and it should be our sincere desire to share those blessings.

After attending a Zumba class, I met Debbie Krysiak, the instructor. She has been such an inspiration to me and in the few years that I’ve been participating in these classes taught by Debbie, I have fallen in love with Zumba, a combination of Latin Dancing, International Music and Fitness.

Debbie is amazing, and what is also so rewarding to me is the wonderful opportunity to dance on behalf of The American Red Cross! The American Red Cross has been fundamental in helping all of us in times of the most difficult circumstances and provides a scope of services that we simply take for granted. Please support “us” in supporting “our” American Red Cross!