Chris Roth; Big (fancy) Shoes to Fill


You must imagine sitting next to Cami Rapson and George Graphos 3 times a day, every weekday during their rigorous training for the inaugral Dancing With Our Stars.  The stories of joy and pain, heartache and heel aches, tango and mambo, or is it rumba? or samba? (I can’t keep any of those straight).

Their journey struck a chord, and the pressure to carry the torch for WBAY in year two soon became too much. (I am very grateful that Sarah Thomsen is part of the program so that there is hope for the station) I found myself asking questions about routines, and costumes (George still won’t let me borrow his fancy jacket with the epaulets on the shoulders), and soon I caved.  I never was very good at standing on my own two feet, much less dancing with them. But this was the perfect opportunity to overcome those two left feet, if not dress them up in interesting shoes.  

I had friends ask me last year why I wasn’t in the competition; I believe on February 21st, the answer will be plain to see. But I received some advice a long time ago in my career from a colleague….”swing hard in case you hit it.!” I intend to swing hard, or jive hard, or foxtrot hard, or samba-mambo-rumba hard.  That same person also said, “no donkey has ever won the Kentucky Derby.” Well, no sportscaster has ever won Dancing With Our Stars (there wasn’t one in the competition last year); May The Streak live on!

Dance Questions:

1.       Describe your first dancing recollection. About how old were you and what was the occasion?  Probably the proverbial junior high “hug and sway” dance 

2.   Who is your dream dance partner?  My wife, but she realizes the inherent danger. I enjoy dancing with my daughters who are too young to realize the peril their feet are in  

 3.  Who is your favorite dancer of all time on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and why?  Love them all 

4.  Why support the Red Cross with your participation?  This is a fantastic organization, and to be able to help out in such a creative (if not embarrassing) way will be great fun.

5.   What’s your favorite song? Too many to pick, that’s why we had Janet (Owner,  DanceSport) pick the songs 

Hobbies or passions:  Golf and scuba diving.

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