Sara Thomsen, WBAY Anchor/Report, Renews Her Dreams of Dancing


Every child dreams big dreams. Sarah Thomsen was no different.  As a young girl on the farm in Iowa, Sarah spent her time in the great outdoors.  She spent it doing chores, fixing fence and chasing cattle that found the wrong side of the fence.  As the red cows would chase her through the rolling hills of her father’s bean fields, Sarah began to dream.

 “If I could just run a little faster, the cows couldn’t catch me,” she thought. But they were speedy.  So she needed a Plan B. She began to dance.  Like a ballerina.  Twirling. Bouncing. Tumbling. They didn’t know what hit them! They stopped and ran the other way!

So Sarah thought she was on to something. She could dance!  She had natural talent! She danced everywhere – at home, in the hallways at school, at church. It landed her a college scholarship.  Before leaving for college, Sarah was playing a game in the backyard with her cousins, when her dancing career met its fate. She tripped on a broom and broke her ankle.

 She was so embarrassed she refused to try dancing again even after her ankle healed.

Instead, she pursued a career where she can use her voice instead of her feet. She figures she’s safer if she’s sitting! She began working in television and hadn’t thought of dancing since. Until now!

Check out Sara at her first practice session:

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