Scott King likes his chances!

What follows is the final excerpt from Scott King’s interview with CNN reporter, Cub Mountain.

Cub:       Scott, has this dance competition changed your life?

Scott:     It has in a very strange way.  I don’t talk the same anymore.  I am using more dance terminology than I did before.  The other day, I told one of our lenders to watch out for an “amague” signature.  I also informed someone that a movie I watched recently had a great “enrosque” at the end.  This competition has opened up a whole new vocabulary for me.  Who knew dancing terminology was so cool?!

 Cub:       People have been asking, what’s next for Scott King?

Scott:     Well Cub, you know, you have to take these gigs one at a time.  You can’t look ahead to the next one.  I’ve got a couple of irons in the fire.  American Idol has called, but I might be too “old school” for them.  Not many of the judges remember Frank and Dean like I do.  I also am looking into producing and directing.  I want to explore my creativity behind the scenes.

Cub:       Are there any projects that you are producing right now?

Scott:     We’ve got a couple of ideas in negotiations, but there is one that I really like.  It’s a reality show called, “The Next Hef”.  We take a bunch of older gentlemen and have them compete to be Hugh Heffner’s replacement when he retires.  It’s sort of like the Bachelor, but for a more mature, male audience.

Cub:       Scott, are there any of your competitors that you are worried about?

Scott:     Look Cub, all the competitors are great people and each has their own strengths.  Look at Graphos.  He’s a consummate entertainer.  Nobody delivers the weather like that guy!  Average Joe?  Let’s just say that he’s well Above Average!  Tracy?  She’s like her jewelry; class and style all the way!  And Paul Jadin?  He runs this town for crying out loud!  That’s just a small sample.  Each one is outstanding.  But, having said that, I like my chances.  I’ve got a great teacher and we’re ready to shake it!

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