Scott King; Double Threat Dancer & Singer!

Scott King, Senior Vice President, Commercial Banking Manager, Nicolet Bank, showing off his singing and dancing talent. Be sure to have the volume on for this one )

Scott King is a Senior Vice President for Nicolet National Bank and a fixture in the Green Bay community for, well, let’s just say a pretty long time.


While his day job involves capital asset management, making loan decisions and managing a group of young, upstart bankers, his true love shows when the night comes.


Not many people know that Scott’s passion in life is entertainment.  He once trained to be a Disney theme park character.  When he was denied the character of Peter Pan, he was so heartbroken that he left the park, never to return. 


He came back to Green Bay and started a band called Harry and the Half Tones, a band that covered such artists as Frank, Sammy, Dean and other members of the Rat Pack.  After mild success, he left to go out on his own, calling himself, “The Velvet Voice”.  While on a barnstorming tour through the upper Midwest, he was noticed by a talent agency from New York.  He was on his way to the big time.


Unfortunately, it was just a few weeks later, while at a Packer game, that he came down with laryngitis.  Doctors all over the Midwest tried to bring his voice back, but to no avail.  He didn’t recover for a full 8 months.  His shot at the big time had passed.


Distraught, Scott turned his back on his love and went into banking.  While he was wildly successful in this profession, something was always tugging at his heart.  His passion just would not die. 


For the last several years, Scott has entertained his family, friends and co-workers with renditions of his songs and dace routines.  He is in constant demand at holiday parties and weddings.


Scott wants to thank everyone for the opportunity to share his love of entertainment.  When asked for a quote, Scott simply said, “I’ve lived a life that’s full.  I’ve travelled each and every highway.  And more, much more than this, I did it my way.”


Scott believes in the mission of the American Red Cross and is happy to support the organization.