Installment #1 of George’s Dancing Blog


George Graphos Here. Thank you for supporting the Red Cross by casting your votes for the dancer of your choice, in the inaugural “Dancing with our stars” fundraiser. So please be generous and vote often! The needs are many, and all too often the givers…too few.

This is going to be installment #1 of George’s Dancing Blog.

Let me begin by saying, “I don’t do dance!” I do lots of other things. I race sports cars, I paint, I take out the garbage, I track storms, but dancing has never been on my radar screen…until now.

Since beginning my dance practice, I’ve reconfirmed that the dialogue which takes place between brain and mouth, is challenge enough, and that any attempt to communicate with an entity as distant as my feet, is somewhat akin to sending messages into deep space hoping to reach some distant carbon based life form.

In watercolor painting, I’ve learned  to trust the water. In sports car racing, it comes down to trusting your instincts and knowing who you can trust next to you. Dancing, well I’ve given control and trust to my feet, and all the rest of me, brain and all, is going along for the ride.

So, my four week mission, is to discover this brand new dance world, to seek out new dance forms, new dance civilizations and to boldly go where this man has never gone before.   

I’ve been dancing for 4 weeks. Fallen over just once, and my wonderful partner so far has not found it necessary to wear steel toed shoes. I take my successes wherever I can get them.

I was asked who my favorite dancer is on “DWTS.” Answer: Whoever is dancing at the moment. Although if I could competently dance a Rumba with Karina Smirnoff…

 …I’m back now. Had to take a cold shower.  

 Please remember to support the Red Cross by voting, and joining us at the Riverside Ballroom for this event.

Until the next update then,

Keep on dancing,


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