Average Joe: See if he is an average dancer?

Check out the average joe blog to read about his dancing experiance:


Here’s a little bit more about Average Joe:

  • My first dancing recollection was when “breakdancing” became very popular in the early 80’s and I was in 4th grade.  I though I was pretty “fresh”.  Backwards hats, flight pants and I thought I could do the “windmill” better than anyone.  Ballroom should be a breeze, right?
  • Well, I will state the obvious as far as my dream dance partner. Two words: Jennifer Aniston.  After seeing her Salsa techniques in the movie “Along Came Polly”, not only did I want to Salsa, but my crush on Ms. Aniston grew even more…if that’s even possible.
  • Dancing experiance: After it was confirmed that I was doing the local Dancing With the Start competition, I started watching the Dancing With the Stars T.V. show even more. And not just judging on her looks now, but if I could move half as good as Julianne Hough, I would be set!  Just don’t think I could pull off the heels she wears. 
  • Why you wanted to help? Continuing to support the Red Cross will be honor.  An organization that not only helps everyday people, but those that serve in the Armed Forces, aid in transportations services and continue to educate local people on staying safe is very important. 
  • My favorite song to “dance” to would be ANY Guns N Roses song.  It’s pretty much just doing the “air guitar” thing, so being able to add some ballroom dance will be great.

One thought on “Average Joe: See if he is an average dancer?

  1. AJ
    Great interview with Ivan Seleznev. Trying to bribe your judge with muffins? Cute idea, but muffins won’t do it. Try a promise to take him to Maricque’s for a real fish fry, Wisconsin style. My Russian friend has never had a fish fry.

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