Back in Action: Scott King

Ace CNN reporter, Cub Mountain, recently caught up with Scott King.  We have obtained excerpts of their interview.

Cub:  Scott, the entertainment world is buzzing about your comeback.  Tell us how you feel.

Scott:  Well Cub, to quote my favorite rapper, LL Cool J, “Don’t call it a comeback.”  I’ve always been an entertainer, just not one in the public eye.

Cub:       Everyone wants to know, how’s the knee injury?

Scott:     I don’t know what everyone’s talking about.  The reason that I was limping is because I stubbed my toe doing my secret move, the Triple Lindy with a Twist.  Man, that hurt!  But I’m o.k. and ready to move it!

 Cub:       If you’re not hurt, then why the drama over a potential knee injury?

Scott:     Because our PR guy is an idiot!

Cub:       How’s the training going?

Scott:     It’s been a lot of work, but right now I’m really concentrating on my nutrition.  I’m taking a combination of supplements including vitamin B-complex, vitamin C, fish oil, bee pollen extract and CoQ10.  I think that most of the competitors are ignoring the nutritional aspect of this competition.  I really plan to shine in that category.

 Cub:       Describe the secret move, the Triple Lindy with a Twist.

Scott:     It’s a combination of a Gene Kelly move from “Singin’ in the Rain” and a move made famous by Boogaloo Shrimp in the movie “Breakin’”.  I just hope that I can pull it off.  It’s no shuffle-ball-change box-step stuff that’s for sure!

 Cub:       Thanks Scott.  Good luck with the competition!

Scott:     Thanks Cub!  I feel good about my chances. 

Kramer Rock recalls his first dancing memory!

dance memory…….   probably seventh grade, age 13. A “party” arranged by parents at one of their homes. This was in the early ’60’s and in a small Wisconsin farming community. It was a very warm spring night. The event was structured, awkward and the music came from some modest record player. The dining room was cleared away, so the area was small. Each person had to dance, so there was no escape. I stumbled through it, likely bruised some feet and surely bruised my ego. I remember i would rather have been outside playing ball.

Man Down?!?!

p1200029“Since The announcement of Scott King’s comeback to the entertainment world, several media members from CNN, E! and Telemundo (apparently Scott was a bit hit south of the border!) have descended upon Green Bay to record his historic comeback.  They may have caught something on video tape that needs to be reported.

Apparently, after dancing lessons yesterday, Scott was caught on video limping back to his car.  This caused a great panic among the paparazzi present.  While Scott would not go on the record about the limp, he was seen headed in the direction of the nearest hospital.

We are trying to get a copy of the video as we speak.  We have also learned that CNN is sending ace reporter, Cub Mountain, to Green Bay to cover this potential tragic ending to a most-anticipated comeback. 

A source inside the hospital, who does not want to be named, said that it looked like it was an MCL tear.  Anticipated recovery time for this type of injury is two to three months.

Scott could not be reached for comment, but sources inside the bank have told us that Scott is “questionable” for an appearance.

Stay tuned for details!”