Back in Action: Scott King

Ace CNN reporter, Cub Mountain, recently caught up with Scott King.  We have obtained excerpts of their interview.

Cub:  Scott, the entertainment world is buzzing about your comeback.  Tell us how you feel.

Scott:  Well Cub, to quote my favorite rapper, LL Cool J, “Don’t call it a comeback.”  I’ve always been an entertainer, just not one in the public eye.

Cub:       Everyone wants to know, how’s the knee injury?

Scott:     I don’t know what everyone’s talking about.  The reason that I was limping is because I stubbed my toe doing my secret move, the Triple Lindy with a Twist.  Man, that hurt!  But I’m o.k. and ready to move it!

 Cub:       If you’re not hurt, then why the drama over a potential knee injury?

Scott:     Because our PR guy is an idiot!

Cub:       How’s the training going?

Scott:     It’s been a lot of work, but right now I’m really concentrating on my nutrition.  I’m taking a combination of supplements including vitamin B-complex, vitamin C, fish oil, bee pollen extract and CoQ10.  I think that most of the competitors are ignoring the nutritional aspect of this competition.  I really plan to shine in that category.

 Cub:       Describe the secret move, the Triple Lindy with a Twist.

Scott:     It’s a combination of a Gene Kelly move from “Singin’ in the Rain” and a move made famous by Boogaloo Shrimp in the movie “Breakin’”.  I just hope that I can pull it off.  It’s no shuffle-ball-change box-step stuff that’s for sure!

 Cub:       Thanks Scott.  Good luck with the competition!

Scott:     Thanks Cub!  I feel good about my chances. 

Kramer Rock recalls his first dancing memory!

dance memory…….   probably seventh grade, age 13. A “party” arranged by parents at one of their homes. This was in the early ’60’s and in a small Wisconsin farming community. It was a very warm spring night. The event was structured, awkward and the music came from some modest record player. The dining room was cleared away, so the area was small. Each person had to dance, so there was no escape. I stumbled through it, likely bruised some feet and surely bruised my ego. I remember i would rather have been outside playing ball.

Man Down?!?!

p1200029“Since The announcement of Scott King’s comeback to the entertainment world, several media members from CNN, E! and Telemundo (apparently Scott was a bit hit south of the border!) have descended upon Green Bay to record his historic comeback.  They may have caught something on video tape that needs to be reported.

Apparently, after dancing lessons yesterday, Scott was caught on video limping back to his car.  This caused a great panic among the paparazzi present.  While Scott would not go on the record about the limp, he was seen headed in the direction of the nearest hospital.

We are trying to get a copy of the video as we speak.  We have also learned that CNN is sending ace reporter, Cub Mountain, to Green Bay to cover this potential tragic ending to a most-anticipated comeback. 

A source inside the hospital, who does not want to be named, said that it looked like it was an MCL tear.  Anticipated recovery time for this type of injury is two to three months.

Scott could not be reached for comment, but sources inside the bank have told us that Scott is “questionable” for an appearance.

Stay tuned for details!”

Scott King; Double Threat Dancer & Singer!

Scott King, Senior Vice President, Commercial Banking Manager, Nicolet Bank, showing off his singing and dancing talent. Be sure to have the volume on for this one )

Scott King is a Senior Vice President for Nicolet National Bank and a fixture in the Green Bay community for, well, let’s just say a pretty long time.


While his day job involves capital asset management, making loan decisions and managing a group of young, upstart bankers, his true love shows when the night comes.


Not many people know that Scott’s passion in life is entertainment.  He once trained to be a Disney theme park character.  When he was denied the character of Peter Pan, he was so heartbroken that he left the park, never to return. 


He came back to Green Bay and started a band called Harry and the Half Tones, a band that covered such artists as Frank, Sammy, Dean and other members of the Rat Pack.  After mild success, he left to go out on his own, calling himself, “The Velvet Voice”.  While on a barnstorming tour through the upper Midwest, he was noticed by a talent agency from New York.  He was on his way to the big time.


Unfortunately, it was just a few weeks later, while at a Packer game, that he came down with laryngitis.  Doctors all over the Midwest tried to bring his voice back, but to no avail.  He didn’t recover for a full 8 months.  His shot at the big time had passed.


Distraught, Scott turned his back on his love and went into banking.  While he was wildly successful in this profession, something was always tugging at his heart.  His passion just would not die. 


For the last several years, Scott has entertained his family, friends and co-workers with renditions of his songs and dace routines.  He is in constant demand at holiday parties and weddings.


Scott wants to thank everyone for the opportunity to share his love of entertainment.  When asked for a quote, Scott simply said, “I’ve lived a life that’s full.  I’ve travelled each and every highway.  And more, much more than this, I did it my way.”


Scott believes in the mission of the American Red Cross and is happy to support the organization.


Installment #1 of George’s Dancing Blog


George Graphos Here. Thank you for supporting the Red Cross by casting your votes for the dancer of your choice, in the inaugural “Dancing with our stars” fundraiser. So please be generous and vote often! The needs are many, and all too often the givers…too few.

This is going to be installment #1 of George’s Dancing Blog.

Let me begin by saying, “I don’t do dance!” I do lots of other things. I race sports cars, I paint, I take out the garbage, I track storms, but dancing has never been on my radar screen…until now.

Since beginning my dance practice, I’ve reconfirmed that the dialogue which takes place between brain and mouth, is challenge enough, and that any attempt to communicate with an entity as distant as my feet, is somewhat akin to sending messages into deep space hoping to reach some distant carbon based life form.

In watercolor painting, I’ve learned  to trust the water. In sports car racing, it comes down to trusting your instincts and knowing who you can trust next to you. Dancing, well I’ve given control and trust to my feet, and all the rest of me, brain and all, is going along for the ride.

So, my four week mission, is to discover this brand new dance world, to seek out new dance forms, new dance civilizations and to boldly go where this man has never gone before.   

I’ve been dancing for 4 weeks. Fallen over just once, and my wonderful partner so far has not found it necessary to wear steel toed shoes. I take my successes wherever I can get them.

I was asked who my favorite dancer is on “DWTS.” Answer: Whoever is dancing at the moment. Although if I could competently dance a Rumba with Karina Smirnoff…

 …I’m back now. Had to take a cold shower.  

 Please remember to support the Red Cross by voting, and joining us at the Riverside Ballroom for this event.

Until the next update then,

Keep on dancing,


George Graphos: Dancer by day; Weather by Night!

Note from tech dept: Sorry about the sideways video; still trying to figure all this technology out 🙂

And now back to George…….

How did George Graphos get involved with weather reporting? Quite “by accident.” Sailing on a 47-foot sailboat from the tropical Atlantic back to the United States, George happened to look up and notice the weather. Those few months spent at sea, relying on the weather for survival, sparked George’s interest in meteorology. When he finally reached land he felt ready to eagerly pursue a new major at a new school.

During his first college experience, George earned a Bachelor of Science degree in geography, history, and art at Northern Michigan University. After stepping off that sailboat, however, George returned to college for further educational training, attending the University of Texas, Dallas, where he pursued a geoscience graduate course of study in the interdisciplinary program of oceanography and meteorology.

George entered broadcast news by working as an on-air meteorologist for WLUC-TV in Marquette, Michigan, then at KPNX-TV and KOY-AM, both located in Phoenix, Arizona. He finally arrived at WBAY-TV in 1985. Since his arrival, George has faithfully informed Northeast Wisconsin viewers about their local weather by serving as Channel 2’s chief meteorologist.

A member of the National Weather Association and the American Meteorological Society, George devotes himself to his profession, yet he cares about his community as well. His involvement with area activities have included work for the Arthritis Foundation and the Cerebral Palsy telethon as well as the American Cancer Society and American Heart Association.

George also has “too many hobbies and not enough time!” In his rare moments of freedom, he likes drawing, painting with watercolors, and woodworking. He also enjoys spending time on the tennis court, and loves racing– especially cars and sailboats. You’ll always find him at Elkhart Lake’s Road America during the summer months. He’s passionate about his racing not just as fan but he’s now living out a lifelong dream by actually racing at that world famous circuit. Another one of his biggest passions is travel, because the Graphos’s make it a family event!